How to Avoid Coloring Grey Hair Every 4 Weeks

by Lesley
(Huntingdon )

I have 80% grey long hair dyed dark brown, I'm fed up of dyeing my hair every 4 weeks, i have blue eyes, not sure which color i should go for please help!!

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Go Lighter
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately with dark brown hair that is unavoidable. If you're a natural blonde you won't notice the re-growth much. But if your hair naturally is medium brown to dark brown, you have to do color the roots at least every three weeks to avoid those contrasting colors between grey and dark.

The best choice is to go couple of shades lighter than your natural hair color so root re-growth blend easily and stay un-noticeable for long period of time. You got blue eyes, so I don't see any problem with going light. Lighter color will also soften your look. Adjust your make up gradually to match

You can also gradually lighten your roots. If each time you lighten your roots one shade lighter, over time you will change your entire look toward lighter shade. It takes more time and you need to be a bit more patient. You can also talk about it with your stylist and they will plan this for you.

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