How to get soft curls on my short hair?

by Abby

Resulting curls from video below

Resulting curls from video below

Resulting curls from video below My hair! - chin length bob with side fringe

Hey, Iv got short hair in a type of bob. Just below my chin in da front and shorter in the back with a side fringe. I hate my hair when it is straight and flat. Any ideas? Id love soft curls but can never get them right and I used Pantain define soft curls but it doesn't work at all! Any ideas on a really great mouse that will put soft curls in my hair without making it look wet or greasy?

Soft Curls for Short Hair

By: Flo Briggs
Two ways you can do curls :

1- Shampoo hair with volume shampoo, do not use conditioner, blow dry hair with fingers with head upside down till half dry then spray a product call thickening spray ( by Bumble & Bumble ) all over hair after hair is dry, use a small curling iron small sectioning hair vertically and spray each section with a soft hair spray before curling hair, when hair is curled run fingers through hair and spay once more.

2- Shampoo hair with volume shampoo ( No Conditioner ) towel dry hair real good, apply setting lotion or mousse, dry hair "almost dry", then set hair with velcro rollers pink size, spray hair with hair spay and go under dryer for 20 minutes and remove rollers. When hair is completely dry use your fingers to separate and place hair, spay hair again.

How Do Girls Curl Their Hair at Home

Suggested video for soft curls on medium-length straight hair.

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