How to get this colour

by Jean

Hair colour

Hair colour

I have tried dying my hair a few times but it is always different to the colours on the box could any one with experience in hair colouring tell me how I would achieve the colouring the picture attach , my Hair is darker but has similar color tones

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Box color
by: N.F.

Hi Jean, That is a lovely colour. The picture you attached is a multi-dimension colour, meaning there are more than one tone. That is something you can’t achieve by box hair colours. I can at-least see two different tones in above picture. Dimensions and tonality is something that you don’t get from box. That would be a professional job.

Resulting hair colours are not always the same as pictures on the box. Because getting that colour is an assumption with a big “IF” and no guarantees. It depends on your existing hair colour level and underlying tone. If you look at the back of the box you find a small swatch that explains the conditions. Did you choose the right level and tone for your actual hair colour? Perhaps the simplest explanation is that you chose the wrong box. Or you tried to go more than 2 levels from your natural hair colour.

Another assumption is the health of your hair. You can only get that hair colour advertised on the box (or close to it) if your hair is in normal health condition. For example, damaged hair might turn out darker than expected!

If it turned out darker than expected, you have no choice but to wait for couple of weeks until it fades and try again.

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