I hate fine hair - My hair will not curl

by Krystal
(Bakersfield, CA)

I dont really do anything with my fine hair because those of you who have fine hair know that your hair does not want to do what you want it to. I either straighten it then poof it up with some hair spray. Or i get my hair damp and rub some gel in it and then do what hair style i want.

If you have fine hair then you know that owning a curling iron is a waste of time. My hair will not curl so to get some kind of curl, I just leave the gel in it and throw my head upside down and shake it for a few minutes. That way you get a new hairstyle but you get some curl.

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Fine hair hater
by: Anonymous

I definitely know where you are coming from. I have baby fine thin hair myself. What you can do is get a great layered cut. I have mine cut and layered as a shaggy bob. This actually works great. I got it cut so I can wear it forward or back off my face or simply straight.

As far as style products, use mousse to volumizes the hair. Gel tends to weigh the hair down. Also use a hair dryer.

After I wash and condition, I use my mousse, a leave in conditioning spray (VO5 spray conditioner) on the ends so they do not get dry from the heat of the dryer.

Then I spray only my roots with my hair spray when my hair is still wet. This gives added volume and hold while drying.

When I am done, I use a hair pick and spray it with some hairspray and push it under my hair on the sides in an upward motion -- again extra volume.

Finish with a light all over mist hair spray. Sounds like a lot of work but it takes only few minutes. The result; my hair looks full, thick and yes beautiful.

As you know that is hard with fine hair. Give this a try and see how this works for you.

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