I have blonde hair - Should I go dark brown?

by Lissy

I have light skin, gray- blue eyes, and dirty blonde hair. I would like to go dark brown with a little red in it. Would it look okay?

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by: ali

I had the exact same colour eyes and hair as you, and i coloured my hair dark brown. My skin looked very washed out but the colour was pretty. I think it depends on your preference. Alot of my friends liked it, my mom didn't. I kind of liked it but not alot. I dyed it back to blond by adding highlights on top of highlights.

Should you go dark brown

Yes I think that going dark is a good change and especially red brown. It will look good with your eyes and skin tone . I suggest that you have a professional colorist do this job, because you have long hair and you may need a filler before doing the actual color.

Blonde should I go dark brown
by: felicia

I seen your pic posted and you are very fair complected like me. I would not try dark brown it will drowned out your features you will look totally paled out.

You could however go for a light reddish brown. L'Oréal makes beautiful shades in both of their products, one is L'Oréal preference and the other is L'Oréal excellence. Both are beautiful. Most stores have the little hair swatches attached to the shelf directly under each product. Even though it is fabricated hair the swatches are dead on accurate.Check it out I am sure you will find one you like.

Preference is a liquid colorant and excellence is a cream tube. You could try medium reddish brown but be careful. I went from light golden blonde to a light golden brown 6g. Excellence is perfect.

I did a strand test with a medium brown before that and since I was fairly light blonde, it got very dark so I would start with a light reddish.

If you do still want darker, do a strand test; Clip a piece of hair closest to your scalp where it will not be missed. Use 1 teaspoon of colorant to 2 teaspoons of developer put in glass or plastic bowl (Never metal). Mix that together put your strand of hair in. Follow the recommended time for a full head application you will be able to see what the end result will be before putting on your full head. Because once you go darker you can not pull color back up to that level.

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