Inflamed Bumps all Over my Scalp - Dreadlocks Hairstyle

by Jessica
(Merritt, British Columbia, Canada)

I just recently... as in a week ago got dreadlocks. I love how they look... but I now have small inflamed bumps all over my scalp and I am not sure what to do. I cannot tell if it is allergies... or merely irritation of the scalp. Please help me!!! They are located around the edges of my scalp where my hairline ends and about an inch inward. Thank you!

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Aug 02, 2019
by: Anonymous

When there is too much tension on the follicle, it may become damaged and bacteria and/or fungus may be introduced into the hair follicle. This is called folliculitis and it produces small pimple-like, red, inflamed "bumps," itching, pain or tenderness on the scalp.

Try to reduce the tension and keep the scalp clean to prevent the spread of the bacteria/fungus to other areas of the scalp.

May 20, 2017
Scalp irritation
by: Mr4Dab2Alot0

I get them too. What it is is scalp irritation from the tension when you get them done or resisted. Mine usually start at the back of my head where all the fine little hairs are. The only reason I know its from irritation and nothing to do with the dreadsis because I used to get them when I got my hair braided too. I usually put a TINY bit of sulfur8 or some type of medicated ointment on them to keep my scalp a little moist and they clear up In a few days unless you scratch them off. Then they scab and that will irritate you for weeks because as the scab heals it itches worse than the bumps.

Hope this helps with everybody's problem
Lots of love and love of locs

AKA @smokinpotent

Jan 09, 2017
Me too
by: Anonymous

I had loc extensions installed. They were my brothers locs and the next day my whole neck broke out with bumps. My eyes are watering and I don't quite know why. Before, having them installed I did a detox cleaning but, I also colored them as well....gosh it itches so, bad and nothing is working

Jul 14, 2016
I too gave had this happen
by: Aleon

My head is shaved on the side and in the back and along the edges I have red painful itchy bumps, I ended up like losing my mind because it was so itchy. I pulled my dreads into a very tight bun and felt out the roots to find hairs that were pulled tight with no lax to speak of and cut them. Let me tell you something about instant relief. Then I put coconut oil all over my scalp, which took away the itching and soothed the burning a lot, I left it in over night then used 100% natural body to clean my hair the next day and I haven't had a problem since, I'm not a professional but this worked for me. So if all else fails I would say just cut the really strained hairs off!

Mar 27, 2013
used to have this problem!
by: Anonymous

I figured out mine was caused by allergy to products--even ones i used previously! when you have dreads your hair doesn't get rinsed as well as before, so the products stay close to your scalp.

I have found that even "all natural" products have some chemicals in them, so i now use 100% pure. I just buy it online and ALL the ingredients are natural and good for your skin!! I love it and it is very rare that i get sores from my dreads now :) you can use any of the cleaning products on your dreads too--not just the shampoo!

I use the Eucalyptus Hydrating Body Wash because it cleans great and doesn't leave residue. it is also great to use if you are doing natural dreads because your hair doesn't have any build up after using it. the website is:

Jun 01, 2010
me too
by: Anonymous

I am experiencing the same thing. new dreads... red inflamed painful bumps, but no products except for aloe vera, and i was never allergic to it before. I actually feel better now.

Feb 13, 2010
Me Too!!
by: Bethyca

Hi, I'm experiencing exactly the same thing! I used DreadHeadHQ products to dread my hair 4 days ago, and have got red bumps all around my hairline where the dreads are. I believe it's an allergy, but don't know. If you get any answers, please let me know!

Mar 02, 2009
Some Possible Causes
by: N.F.

There could be number of reasons for such reaction:

Tension - Sometimes when hair is pulled too tightly scalp develop itchy bumps. This is caused by tension on hair follicle and scalp. Its normally a temporary reaction appear after 2-3 days of application and should go away after a week time.

Cleansing - Its important to wash your dreadlocked hair and scalp regularly with the right dreadlock shampoo. Many people having a wrong impression of dreadlocks and they think, just because they have dreadlocks, they don't have to wash their hair as they used to. That could lead to many scalp problems.

Allergy - Your scalp was introduced to new type of product(s) never used before. Dreadlocks stylists use Dread Wax or Dread Cream to style the hair and some of these products contain petroleum and fragrance. If you have history of allergy, you better talk with your dreadlocks specialist and get a list of ingredients.

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