Keratin Treatment - First Hand Testimony

by Professional stylist

I'm a professional hairstylist licensed and highly trained in both New York and California. When the Brazilian Keratin treatments first hit the market they seemed to be all the rage. The salon that I worked at for 10 years became certified in doing these treatments. I myself have always been a little leary of them for the simple fact that they stunk up the salon and I left there with my eyes burning and tearing.

When we first started performing them the clients loved them. I decided to get one myself. It made my wavy, frizzy hair smooth and beautiful. I could let it dry naturally for the first time ever. I had the Brazilian blowout done once more.

Within one month after this treatment I was finding hair all over the place. Two huge bald spots appeared on my scalp and my hair was coming out in clumps. Being a hairstylist this devastated me. My scalp was constantly tingling and extremely itchy. I lost about 40 percent of my hair in the course of 3 months.

With this I began to do my research and learned that formaldehyde, which I found in many beauty products is extremely dangerous when flat ironed heated up by temperatures of 400 degrees. It can cause serious allergic reactions which can definitely cause excessive hair breakage and hair loss. Even more worrisome it can cause major health problems. We have not been doing these treatments long enough to even begin to look at the long term effects. For example cigarettes were not considered dangerous years ago when people started smoking them.

I quickly brought this information to the salon owner and protested being a part of this. My boss who is a two time can we survivor refused to believe this or to stop doing these treatments. I am a key stylist in her salon and she reasoned with me by performing them outside. The product is never used inside the salon and I felt better about that but I am still concerned for her and the clients who live this treatment.

As a professional, extremely educated stylist I have taken note of the clients with keratin treatments and almost all of them have had noticeable hair thinning. Only one client had extreme hairloss like myself. She went completely bald after doing keratin treatments every 2 to 3 months.

Her hair, as well as mine has fully grown back with the aid of Jason tea tree natural hair products for the scalp as well as multivitamins, biotin, zinc and calcium.

The clients may not notice the thinning of their hair for they just believe it is smoother and sleeker. But I am 100 percent sure that my clients who get keratin treatments and Brazilian blowouts have lost substantial hair throughout the past few years.

I can tell right away who has had these treatment when I comb wet hair and see the hair loss. I have never performed these treatments nor will i ever get it done again because it has always gone against my beliefs which are to lead a happy, healthy life!!!

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Jan 02, 2013
This is a never ending nightmare....
by: Anonymous

I too have had a Brazilian blow out and it was the BIGGEST mistake of my life.... It was now been 8 months since my last one and my hair is still falling out in CHUNKS! I hate washing my hair or even brushing it and seeing my hair fall from the root. I can now see the crown of my head and my hair is almost completely gone on the sides. When does this stop? can anyone help me? I'm on a multi vitamin along with fish oil, biotin and biosil... I will never put anything like this in my hair again. Not only is it falling out my hair is still straight and limp, it NEVER went back to the thick curls i used to have :( will it really come back? im so worried

Dec 14, 2012
Keratin treatment Nightmare!
by: Nubia

My nightmare began 2 months after 1st Keratin Treatment June-2012...I decided to get because I let my non-professional sister put a body wave perm in my hair and damaged my beautiful long hair a bit, was dry n dull.

I heard wonders of Keratin that would make hair silky, shiny, Asian went for it about 11 months after my body wave perm. Allowing for hair to be stronger.

August 2012 my nightmare began! I started to loose hair like crazy more than 100 hairs a day! I hate washing hair because it's worse! This poison has left me with paper thin hair, cut in a short scalp is visible on top and right side of head is worse than left. Lady burned me pretty bad which led to flaking after was fabulous but short lived!

It has been 6 month since treatment and I am taking action....I am taking daily vitamin-D3, B-12, Zinc, Collagen type 1&3, Hair,Skin & Nails vitamin which has 3000mcg of Biotin.

I have started NUTRIX-OX system for thinning and fine hair for Chemically-Treated Hair 3A. Box has 3 steps--shampoo, conditioner & leave in treatment to condition the hair while stimulating the scalp to increase blood micro-circulation. I purchased at Sallys' beauty supplies...has great reviews cost about $20.00 - if you become a member online for free.

I started and will follow-up in about 2 months to post how I am doing! I refuse to be depressed or have anxiety over this hair loss....yes!

I am devastated for loosing my beautiful locks but I have hope and faith...that I am going to get my hair back and I am excited with products purchased + vitamins I will bounce back from this hell.

The Nutri-Ox treatment is a 30 day supply starter kit if u are happy u can purchase at Sallys Beauty Supplies in bigger is fabulous and you can feel product working if used as directions!

It is very minty scented and hair feels rejuvenated after 1st use...I am excited! And I promise to post my results in 2 months from now.

Be strong and keep the faith people...and please keep spreading the word on the Keratin Poison being sold.

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