Keratin Treatment Hair Loss Theory

(Florida, US)

I live in Florida and have naturally curly hair that frizzes in humidity. I tried a permanent straightener 2 years ago that was worked too well. My hair looked wet and was too straight. I waited a year before trying Natural Keratin Treatments at a high-end salon.

For the first 6 months I loved it but wished I had a little more body. My Hairdresser talked me into trying a Davines deep conditioning protein treatment instead. After the product was already on my head she said she was the only one in salon who would use it as the other hair dressers were afraid of it as it could make your hair fall out if not used properly (thanks for the warning).

Well my hair did not fall out immediately but it was extremely damaged so I tried another salon on the recommendation of a friend. This Salon was a Paul Mitchell Salon. The Hair Dresser told me at the consultation that I need to stay away from all Keratin treatment products. I schedule an appointment and she proceeds to color my hair and then put a Keratin treatment over it followed by a conditioning pack that she received as new product sample. I asked about Keratin and she told me not to worry as it was made from Sheep's Wool and was very safe. I trusted her as she was a professionally trained stylist. 3 days later my hair was falling out by the root.

Every-time I showered my hands were covered in hair and I was shedding the rest of the day. It has been 6 months and I have lost at least 50% of my hair and the hair that I have left is so damaged and frizzy.

My Saviour for hair loss was a prescription shampoo that treats fungus. A couple months after the keratin treatment my scalp was red and the doctor said the shampoo was a long shot but worth a try. My hair stopped falling out and I have tiny growth. Hair still dry and frizzy. I expect it to take two years before it looks normal again but at least I am seeing progress.

This leads me to believe the following theory:

We all have living yeast all over our body. Certain Natural Hair products have organic products that feed yeast. If you can not wash your hair for 3 plus days. The organic material is feeding the yeast/fungus and it gets out of control. This overgrowth may be suffocating the hair follicle causing it to fall out at the root.

Any scientists or doctors out there that can research or comment on this theory?

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