Lightening Hair 3 to 4 Shades Without Bleach ?

by Rebecca
(Saginaw , Michigan)

I have a question about lightening your hair without using bleach. My natural color is med. brown and i want to be dark blonde. Can it be achieved without bleach?

I have bleached my hair a few months ago and went to a salon and toned my hair with with Redken shades EQ 07GB Butterscotch and want my roots to match if I can achieve this at home than I would do it myself.

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Going lighter without bleach
by: Anonymous

You have "bleach" and then you have "cream developer" in 6, 9 and 12%. Both are used in lightening process. Depending on desire shade, base color and hairs condition, hairdresser will make a choice to use one or another.

Unfortunately you need to use one type or another in order to go lighter. In hair salons they mix the color with developer before they apply. Home color kits contain the ready mix that contain both lightening and color in same tube.

You don't have to use "Bleach" for going 3-4 shades lighter, but you need cream developer in 6% or 9% to lift the color.

Yes you can do this at home, but you need to get the exact same color, mixture ratio with cream developer in 6% or 9%.

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