Light-medium golden brown to dark - hair color help

by Stephanie

light-medium golden brown

light-medium golden brown

I would really like to have super dark hair, the only problem is I can't get it right. If it's too dark with not enough red I look washed out, but other times it comes out too red and it just looks like I have red hair. I have a warm skin tone with naturally light-medium golden brown hair, I just would love to have dark dark hair instead of stuck in the middle with just blah color. What color could I try that wont bring out so much of the red, but wont completely cover it up either?

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Hair fix
by: Anonymous

Tried golden mahogany hair dye. it work for me but if you want light golden mahogany brown try to make your hair light brown than add golden mahogany hair dye. It works wonderful and my hair is light golden mahogany brown.

by: Kayla

Try Medium Golden Mahogany Brown from Garnier..
Its brown with a hint of red.

going darker
by: felicia

Try a dark mahogany brown or a dark chestnut brown. These will leave you with dark brown reddish tones the mahogany is more of a burgundy and chestnut is a combo of red and gold.
Clip a piece of hair close to your scalp and do a strand test first the product you get will tell you length of time to leave on your hair usually you mix 1 teaspoon of colorant to 1 teaspoon of developer but products may vary call the company and ask for sure how to strand test since products vary. This will show you your result without messing up your whole head .

Deep brown colors
by: N.F.

You are right. When going for a dark hair from a lighter hair color such as medium brown, its important to add some red tones into hair to avoid looking dull. Its not always easy to get the blend right with a home coloring kit. So you might want to consider professional help!

Set your goal toward brunette brown or light brunette mahogany brown shades. Also try to break your colors when going too dark to avoid those blocky look that comes with dark hair (unless you decide to go for a super straight bob or similar style). You can do this either by adding more layers or adding lowlight/highlight to your style.

Invest in a good shine spray for finishing. Once you go super dark, the hair will not reflect the light as it should and might appear blank and dull.

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