Medium blonde hair - Want to go warm brown

by Rebecca
(Seattle, WA)

I have been wanting to go dark for couple of years now. I have strawberry blonde hair naturally, peaches and cream, or fair complexion and light green eyes.

I would like a hair color that really compliments my skin and makes my eyes pop. A while back I had a few different colors put in my hair, along with the gal leaving some of my natural hair color (strawberry blonde, when highlited by sun, or a murky light brown shade. She used chocolate brown and mocha. The results were great but she had left some bleach blonde color on the ends of my hair, so i dyed it back to blonde..

Megan Fox with Dark hair color tan fair skinAnyway, I am thinking that I will leave my skin fair, or with just a base tan for some color, or just get a moderate tan. I would like to dye my hair dark chocolate brown with maybe mocha and auburn or mahogany lowlights... OR just a medium brown shade with highlights.

I would really like to get a look similar to Megan Fox, with her fair skin or when she is tan.. I am confused as to if she is cool or warm skinned (she naturally is very fair and I don't think she has naturally dark hair).

This is pretty important to me, as I am a model and want to be versatile and go for a different look.

I also have an oval face shape, with prominent cheekbones, so maybe some long face framing layers??

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by: Jacki Renee

You look exactly like Megan fox. seriously. you can pull off anything. you could dye your hair and eyebrows here color, stop plucking your eyebrows just a bit, and you would pass as her.

Sounds puurrrfect!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much!! I am getting my hair done for Christmas at a very good salon in Seattle!! I can't wait!! =DD

Medium blonde , wants brown again

You are a beautiful girl and the possibilities are limitless. You can look good with almost any color. However I suggest that you stay with red tones. You can create a stunning look using a red brown color (level 6) for your base and dark mahogany color as lowlights. But the lowlights should be very strong (no skinny lowlights). I recommend panels for a more dramatic look.
You should consider choosing a reputable salon that can do a good professional job, because stunning and shinny red colors are not easy achieved by anyone. I'm sure you will be happy with this look.

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