Medium brown to ash blond color question

by Ryan

I have medium brown hair and have been trying to color my hair to a medium or dark ash blonde and have been having problems. When I am done coloring my hair it always seems to have reddish or orangish tint to it, almost auburn looking. So I stripped my hair with quick blue bleach while adding red/gold corrector plus drops then using a ash base color with more red/gold corrector plus drops and tried again and more of the same.

I have well water at my house and have also tried some packet with cyrstals for well water and that didn't work either. I hope you can give me some expert advice and help me out, thanks.

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Ash blond
by: Flo Briggs

You need to start all over (assuming your hair is in good condition) - Use color #6 ash with 10 volume developer all over your hair. Leave it for 15 Min. then do highlights around the face, use bleach with 20 volume developer until you reach desired blond you wish. For best result see a professional if possible.

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