My baby fine hair

by Kelly
(Frankford, ON. Canada)

Straight layered fine hair - For Illustration Only

Straight layered fine hair - For Illustration Only

My hair is baby fine, and very straight. When I was younger i wore it long, and it looked horrible!!!!!! It looked stringy, and no volume at all. But then I got layers and highlights. They made a huge difference, many people noticed and loved it!!! I dont use styling products because with the way my hair is layered, it seems fuller. So all I do is comb it.

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rank hair
by: Anonymous

I really want my hair short because it is honestly THAT thin, but i dare not because i feel i cant get any life in my hair, no matter what i try!!! At the moment its just above shoulder length and i always wear it up because when its down its very fly-away and barely even there - I must admit it does make it look nice when its up and there are a few different styles i can do. I put a fair bit of hairspray to make it volumized, however, I can't put hairspray on it when it's down, because it looks like a frizz ball!!

Fine Hair Struggle
by: Eron

Hi I to have got baby fine hair, I have always wanted to grow it passed my shoulder but it ends up wispy and tacky, so i chopped it into a Victoria Beckham cut (short at the back and a little longer on the sides) it's thicker, manageable, I can do lots of different styles. I have opted for an all over blonde colour. So many people have commented, at my daughters school some of the mothers have even copied my look, so there is no long hair for me i am so happy with the easy sexy short style.

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