My first short hair cut

by Heather

 My first short hair cut

My first short hair cut

I had hair down to my waist and decided i was tired of long hair and did a drastic cut, wish i had done this years ago now i love my new hair cut. I will never have long hair again.

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First haircut
by: Larry

Love your cut I agree keep it short and layered

by: Anonymous

Looks so much better and smarter

by: AcctsPd

So cute, and suits you wonderfully!
I too, cut mine off and I have never received SO many compliments! Glad I did it! It's so sassy!

A comment
by: Anonymous

You look gorgeous. If you like it I am happy for you. Why don't you add a picture of what your hair looked like before.

by: Anonymous

Your beautiful face really gets noticed with this short haircut!!! I love it. Just remember...not everyone can wear short hair but you can and it looks fabulous!! I have short hair too, but I don't think the cut is nearly has flattering. I live in MN also. where did you go to get your cut?

by: Anonymous

You look positively gorgeous with short hair. You have just the right face for that cut. Bravo! IMO, you should keep it this short forever. =)

WOW what you looked like before is wow
by: Karen

Oh man you must have looked like a goddess when you had knee length all one length hair.
Post picks of your dramatic hair cutting action

Amazing haircut
by: Anonymous

I love your haircut. You look amazing in short hair.

by: Anonymous

very cute, but what did you look like before the cut?

You Go Girl
by: Anonymous

You look beautiful!!

by: Jo

Like your cut. I wish my first short cut was like this!!

Looks great
by: Beth

I like your cut. Simple and Smart!

by: Anonymous

Your new hair cut is absolutely stunning! Hope you have great fun with it. I am forever looking for a trendy short hair cut for my square face...

Beautiful cut
by: Anonymous

This haircut certainly suits your oval face shape. Now you can have plenty of fun with your hair texture and create different styles with so little effort. Great choice!! Beautiful!

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