My New Hair Cut

by Steph
(St Paul Minn Usa)

Very Short Haircut

Very Short Haircut

I just got my hair cut this way and love it I will keep this for awhile and maybe try new styles later on.

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been getting haircut like this since I was 9 yearsold
by: I Am Catmommy

...but lately can't find decent hair stylists who will do a good job, more than once in awhile

by: Gracie sue

Love the cut and style. I would like to know what your color/hi or low lights are. That is equally fantastic and I would like to do mine like that.

Love your hair.
by: Martha

I love your hair style. I wouldn't mind having mine done like that. I just wish you had posted pictures of both sides and the back.. 😄

A lady's flattop !
by: Bessel

Happy to see so many favorite remarks for a flattop ! It is a wonderful cut for a sexy woman !
I am in the process of convincing my girl to get it cut in my regular barbershop.
It is an extremely attractive sight: Pretty girl with a very short clippered, perfectly flat haircut !
A daring, challenging look for a pretty girl !

a flattop..., yeah ! ! !
by: Anonymous

I totally agree with "Napefan". Not many women have the nerve to get a regular flattop haircut. But it would look fantastic on you ! All clippered and neat as a pin !

Short Hair Style NEW
by: Flo Briggs

You Can wear short hair that's in Style and as you described the change sounds Perfect and easy to manage .

by: Mia

Love this haircut! I usually sport a similar one, but for my last cut I got the neck and sides buzzed and kept it a bit longer on the top.

Short & Styling
by: Bren

The short cut is so cute. Wish I could wear this style. I have curl in my thin, fine hair. Need a great cut to make me up to date.

by: Anonymous

Great haircut for a beautiful girl

by: napefan

Would love to see you with a high and tight flattop
It would be stunning on you

short hair
by: Anonymous

really like that style,getting my hair cut next week,and i will show her this style.

Look's so good****
by: Cutter

Beautiful cut, I hope you go shorter it would look even better; I would love to see it.

by: Anonymous

I love the cut and the color, would really like to see the back and the left side !!! Looks Great !!

by: Patrick

I wish more women had the courage to cut their hair this short. Very sexy!

by: Cindy

You look so beautiful with your hair cut and coloring. Wish I looked like you.

Just what I need
by: Anonymous

My hair has just grown back after chemo for breast cancer and i have been looking for a style. Having no hair was in fact very liberating and I intend to keep it very short. I used to spend hours fiddling with a bob but life is too short. I am printing a copy of your cut to take to the hairdresser.

by: Anonymous

Your hair style and color suit you perfectly. You're making a convert of those silly men who think only women with long hair can be pretty and feminine and sexy. Keep it up! You look absolutely gorgeous. :)

by: Gina

Your new cut looks absolutely stunning on you...perfect colour and cut!!

I hope more women try this style.. maybe even a little shorter
by: Anonymous

As a man, I am so sick of women with long hair. The first thing my wife did after marrying me was get her bra-length hair cut to a cute almost-buzzed pixie-cut. Most of my life I didn't realize how sexy and feminine a lady can look with super-short haircuts.

Love your haircut
by: Hotdog

Love your hair!!!! can't see what your face shape is though because it's a side view...looks great on you though!

Totally Love It
by: Debbie

I love, love, love your haircut. I am getting mine cut tomorrow and hope it looks just as good.

by: Lolaxx

I wish for a face like yours to carry hair that short.

Great look
by: Natalie

Your hair style looks really good,easy to manage. you must feel cool not ponies etc...
Nice really nice

Very nice indeed
by: Victoria

Very nice and clear cut. Model's face with this haircut is stunning!!

by: Beth

Fantastic cut... Love the color. So vibrant

the right image
by: denise denise

you look smart and fashionalable , sweet.
denise denise

Never Long Again
by: Maria

Never and ever again go back to long hair. This is just the perfect cut for you. Nice work. Love your color!!

by: Randy

I'm a huge fan of long hair done well, but if I saw you on the street I'd stop dead in my tracks. Fantastic color choice, excellent texture, plus a wonderful shape that only enhances your beautiful face. Great job!

Nice Haircut
by: Andy

A very nice haircut for a perfect face shape. Stay with short hair.

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