My Really Really Bad Hair Year

by Jezebel

photo from yr ago - you can see my thin bangs

photo from yr ago - you can see my thin bangs

Last winter, I began to have an itchy scalp with bumps and sores. I am a freelance writer, so am at my computer an average of 12 hours a day. I found myself unable to keep my hands off my itchy scalp, and before I knew it, I had inflamed sores in addition to the itching. My doctor told me I had seborrheic dermatitis, and gave me a prescription strength anti-fungal shampoo. The condition went away after three weeks of daily shampooing, but now, five months later it's returned, worse than ever. I realize the fact that I can't keep my hands off doesn't help matters.

My pharmacist is sending over some OTC hydrocortisone cream for expecially bad sores, and even some benidril for when the itching gets a bit overwhelming. And of course I'll be shampooing again with the anti-fungal shampoo.

I have lost I would say about 35% of my hair, at this point, which has either broken off from areas of the scalp, and in some case come out where the worst sores and inflamation are. What is really discouraging is learning this is a problem that I will always be suceptable to, and can come back any time. I'm going to have to keep my scalp super clean, of course.

My hair was already fine, and thinning due to hypothyroidism and medications I must take. I am thinking that, when this trouble clears up, I'd like to go to a salon, get my usual blonde highlights to cover grey and brighten up my dishwater blond color. But most of all, I think it's time for a short haircut for thin hair with a few bald patches here and there. They don't know how much will grow back.

Before, when I styled my hair in it's medium length bob, I blow-dried it in order to straighten it out from a slight natural wave it retains if I let it air dry with no styling. Should I get a special dryer that will be milder? It is actually not easy for me to blow dry my hair as I am somewhat limited in motion and ability to hold my arms up for a long period.

I was actually wondering if one of those new drying combs might be better for styling my hair after I've washed it every day. And my hair also tends to lie very flat and lifeless on my head, so I'm wondering, too, if there might be products I can use to add texture or volume that would not irritate my scalp. It gets very hot in Chicago in the summer, and I need something very easy to maintain.

I have a very large head, round face, and double chin, so it will take a while not to feel that short hair doesn't make my head and face look even bigger and rounder. I am 56, but am a writer and involved in the arts, so I don't mind looking a bit outside the mainstream - and I certainly don't want "helmet hair" like the older ladies my mothers age wear. Any styling suggestions - both in a doo, dryer, and products?

Thank you for any advice or referals to resources or products you might be able to provide. :)

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