Naturally "mismatched"? Warm or cool better on me?

by Helena

Warm/ cool?

Warm/ cool?

My complexion is very pale with slightly rosy undertones. The only foundation I've felt has truly matched me is the newer "warm tone" True Blend line... But my natural hair color is a very dull, mousy,dark ash blond with no perceivable red tones. My eyes are deep reddish brown.

(Left larger picture is me as a strawberry blonde; smaller right is my natural ash blonde taken years ago)

For the past 4 years, I've been dying my hair with L'oreal's "Medium Ash Blonde," which actually results in a strawberry blonde. Everyone seems surprised when I tell them I dye my hair, having assumed I was a natural red head or ginger. I feel like the copper tones complemented my complexion.

But I'm very tired of maintaining my roots, so went to a salon and back to my natural ashy, bland dark blond yesterday. The reaction from family and friends has NOT be favorable; most say it looks unnatural and that warm suits me better. I like it, but no one else does! My mom thinks it looks green.

How common is it to have cool hair and a warm complexion and be naturally "mismatched" that way? Do you think it's likely I'm just misperceiving my coloring? Should I just go back to the strawberry blonde and put up with frequent touch ups, or risk dying it to an ash? Which complements me better?

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Same here with opposite
by: Anonymous

I also have cool dark ash blonde hair, neutral skin and golden brown eyes. One thing we have that most women don't is the ability to use cool or warm colors. If you use cool the cool parts of you shine and the same with warm.

Your not alone
by: Emma

I had the same problem. When I was younger, I had really natural blonde hair and I tan really well so I had a golden like complexion. However my hair got darker and duller I think as I grew older. I have quite pale skin but with a warm tone underneath. I died it blonde but decided I didnt want to keep dying it - really same reason as you - so I let it fade out. People said it looked kind of golden because I had brown in it but some blonde left however it became so all blonde was at bottom and brown ash blonde type thing :P at top. So I died it a warm brown, still keeping it warm to suit my skin tone but similar to my natural hair.

Just try enhancing your natural hair colour, maybe with some streaks so you don't have to worry about the roots too much. So try a light warm brown that has copper or red tones in it. I had something similar to this and in the sun my hair can have a reddish glow that makes it look really nice yet natural.

At the end of the day, you have to do what makes you happy. Your the person whose hair it is so you should know what you think suits you better. Hope it helps. :)

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