Problem with styling curly hair

by Manu
(Northampton, UK)

my face

my face

Hi, I am Manu, my face is heart shape i am an Indian. I have curly hair. Its not too big and not too small, but I could say it is so ugly that there are no hair style suitable for me. It is so rough, even my forehead is looking wide because of hair loss on head. What could i do now? I am not looking good now, I am lacking my confidence because of my hair. Could any body help?

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Listen- you need hair reborn
by: Hermyown

Your hair is what we call shekshoofa. Mine was the same way. The only way to truly get your hair back is by shaving it off. Not joking. Cut it as close as you can to your head.

In the meantime, buy a wig that looks like your old hair.

As your hair slowly grows back, rub hair oils into it every single day- set aside 30 minutes a day to just do this. Follow all the other tips others give you, like brushing it, as it grows back.

You will be bald/ very short haired for about a year. But after a year your hair will be very nice and soft, much like mine has gotten now.And don't you wish you had done this a year ago? In a year, you will wish you had done it now.

so i realize i kind of sound like a troll but it's true. my hair was so dry my mom cut it off like a boy's cut, leaving me ugly and depressed, and she forced me to 'maintain' it by rubbing olive and almond oils into it, leaving it greasy and disgusting as i wrapped it in a towel and slept with oily hair every night. But when it grew faster due to the massages and oils, it grew to about my shoulders, one night she told me it was fine to stop.

I regularly shampooed my hair the next day. IT WAS SO SOFT!!!!! No amount of straightening or curling or hairsprays could ruin its lovely textures.
Of course, now I still brush my hair and rub some cheap mineral oil into it (i am nearly broke now lol!), but it really has gotten nicer.
And the cool thing is you can choose a wig with nicer hair than yours! Just don't buy the wig online, it will look bad. Go in store and get it BEFORE you cut your hair.

Same problem, and I found a solution
by: Karen

From your picture, I can tell you have the same problem I've had for years. I'm also Indian and I have curly (well, its more frizzy)hair and a heart shaped face. There are 3 important tips:

Layer your hair
Hair Product is a MUST!
And if you have thick hair, texturize!

I recently found out that my hair comes out much better when its short (3-4 inches long). When your hair is short, its much easier to care for and putting products in it is much easier. I basically wash my hair every morning, and put a dime size dollop of curling product (I don't know what products they have in the UK since I'm American, but I use TIGI's Catwalk Curl's Rock Amplifier) and apply evenly to the hair (kind of like when you're shampooing you're hair). Then simply scrunch up your hair, and viola! You have actual curls instead of a frizzy mess.

Also, on Saturdays, I treat my hair to coconut oil for a couple of hours. I liberally apply it to my hair and then wash it off. Its kind of messy, and gross, but you lose a lot of the frizz factor.

If you don't dig short hair, try shoulder length hair - but it MUST be cut in layers. Layers reduce the weight of the hair and define curls. Also if you have really thick hair like mine, ask the stylist to texturize your hair. They'll basically thin your hair a bit, which makes a world of difference.

Lastly, do not tie your hair in a tight ponytail! That was my staple hairstyle for over 6 years, and it made my hair frizzy as hell. It breaks the hair and just makes it look like a mess. If you don't like hair on your face, use a head band to keep hair away.

Indian hair, when done up is gorgeous; our hair is thick and has a natural luster. If its curly - that's even better! Just a 5 minute routine in the morning and your hair looks like its been styled. Hope this helps!

Hope it Helps!
by: Anonymous

Hey! A lot of my friends have your same problem too, so hopefully what worked for them will work for you.

1st of all, if your hair is very rough I recommend deep conditioning it once a week w/ leave in conditioner or something stronger specifically for deep conditioning if possible (note: washing your hair less should promote your natural oils to increase to make your hair smoother + shiner)

Also, be careful to not pull your hair back into a tight bun or pony a lot because the constant tension of pulling your hair back can cause your hair line to recede back. Instead, try side pony tails or braids, or lower & looser buns and ponies.

Thirdly, give your hair layers. I would start with possibly (go online and find sites to test hair styles on your picture to see how it looks) 1 thin layer centered on your ears, 1 about an inch under your neck, and 2 or 3 near the ends of your hair (that's for moderately long hair).

Also, if you find issues with frizzy hair because your hair lacks moisture, I've found using hand/body lotion can smooth hair down - but be careful, too much and your hair looks greasy.

frizzy hair solution
by: Anonymous

Go to an ethnic hair salon (Latin American, Dominican, Afro American, not Asian Indian - sorry our people just CAN NOT do hair). (I went to every hair salon - the best - in Bangalore and mumbai.. no one knew what I was talking about!)

Ask for a texturizer (it's like a light relaxer).
Have them put your hair in tight large rollers with setting lotion and dry your hair beneath dryers. Make sure they roll your hair tightly otherwise the roots will be frizzy and it won't come out well.

good luck!

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