Re Coloring or Stripping - Dark Color to Blonde

by Ash

I've been coloring my hair for years now and for a while I choose darker colors. When I tried to dye my hair lighter, it was impossible because of the build up of dark colors. A few days ago, I decided to strip my hair. I did it with a Loreal color remover and then dyed it a dark iridescent blond. However, the color didn't come out just right and there are still traces of dark in my hair.

I don't know whether to dye it a different color and maybe it will tone it out or strip it and dye it again. And I don't have money to see a professional. What is the best advice?

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You can strip and tone again
by: N.F.

If the color didn't come out right because of the previous color job and IF you still feel your hair is in good condition then yes you can strip and tone it again.

The guideline below is for professional. You can use it at your own risk. If you know someone professional to help you then it would be best. You can buy these products from Sally.

You can strip using a Wella Blonder (its a lightening poweder - decolorante ). Mix it with 30 Volume (6%) developer (1:1 ratio) and apply (best with foil) for no more than 30 min. without heat (look every 10 min to see if color lifted to avoid damage). Rinse well with warm water.

Then use a Wella Color Touch (its a toner) in shade 9/16 and mix with Pastel Developer 1+2 and apply all over.

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