Roots Only Hair Coloring Applicator Comb

by Avalon Zakazakina Santana
(Abilene, TX)

I just wanted to take a moment and share with you a wonderful product that I found on the Internet! I have been coloring my hair for around 20 years and this is the fastest, least messy, and most even application I have EVER had and believe me...I’ve tried them all!

I usually wait until the last second to color my hair (to the point where my hair looks pretty bad) because it is such a hassle, but I know that I will now be doing it has soon as it needs it because the hassle is gone! I can’t believe I didn’t order this product sooner because I just did not think it could be that easy – and it is! It is so awesome to look better with less mess, hassle and time spent in the process.

Very Happily,
Avalon Zakazakina Santana
Abilene, TX

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