Short Curly Hair - Extensions

by Ari Nicole
(United Kingdom)

1) The aforementioned 'awkward length'

1) The aforementioned 'awkward length'

1) The aforementioned 'awkward length' 2) My preferred style 3) Fresh cut (excuse the flower crown)

I cut all my hair off when I was about 7 after my mum had snapped a few combs brushing it and we were all fed up with how thick and curly it was. I'm now 17 and I like my short hair and I try to keep it very short as when it grows past a certain length (see picture 1) I had experienced relentless teasing and bullying for having afro hair and it led to me hating my hair and enjoying changing up the style. I have enjoyed having it short and I like it but I really want a change.

My preferred hair lately has been bright red (see picture 2) however at my new school it isn't allowed. I also prefer it straight but I'm pretty bad at it and it usually takes me about 20 minutes and an awful amount of hairspray to even get it looking remotely decent instead overly wispy or sticking out everywhere. I don't have the time to do that regularly so usually I leave it curly unless there's a special occasion.

I really want to grow it out but I am paranoid from all the bullying I got as a result when I was younger. When I get my hair cut I get a grade 2 on the sides and it's usually about an inch on top (Picture 3) give or take.

I have finally gathered the confidence to try and regrow my hair and I have a friend who usually cuts and dyes my hair who has black micro loops to put in. The concern I have is that they are straight and my hair is curly. Also, I am having them put in around 5 weeks after this haircut. I left my hair longer this time to allow time to grow and it is only a grade 3 on the sides and about an inch and a half on top.

I haven't been able to find videos or reference photos or advice anywhere for the issues I might have and how it might look and as my hair is my biggest insecurity I would be worried to have something that looks ridiculously unnatural.

Most tutorials or reviews are on a hair type that doesn't fit me or on pretty long hair which leads me to believe I shouldn't be getting them. My family is on a tight budget and sorting my hair isn't exactly top priority but my mum wants me to feel happy with myself so I'm trying to look into it. The micro loops our hairdresser is putting on she was gong to do for free as a trial but I wanted to know if anyone has any tips/advice or other suggestions.

Thank you so much :)

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