Should I go dark or stay blonde?

by Candi

Blonde now...

Blonde now...

I'm leaning towards going a much darker blonde or even as chestnut brown! I've been a blonde since I was 16, all different shades of blonde. Currently its very blonde and underneath im growing out a very dark blonde...this happened last fall. My hair is in excellent condition so I know it can handle any change I throw at it... ideas????

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Keep going
by: Silvia

I think you should go dark. It not means that blonde look is not good for you. I can see you have wide eyes so dark hair will be certainly suits for you. As you have healthy hairs go for dark.

Go for it
by: Anonymous

I think a dark chocolate brown would look amazing, especially with big curls and that flower! It looks very cute and exotic. Stay away from jet black hair. It is very harsh, extremely difficult to remove if you get sick of it and requires a lot of make-up in order to avoid looking pale and washed out. The blonde looks amazing, but I think a dark chocolate brown would look great. Stay away from reds because they are also really hard to get rid of, if you change your mind and want another color. You could also try a dark brown shade with sliced blonde highlights.

by: Kimberly

I think you would look very good with chestnut brown hair, but it will be a shock if you have been this blonde for a while. Perhaps have your colorist match your regrowth and do a heavy lowlight. You will still have your blonde which will now be your highlight color, and this will tell you if you want to go all the way with the darker color all over. Good luck. You will look great either way.

Go for Darker!
by: Anonymous

I was blonde (naturally) my whole life, and just before summer went a darker brown with some blonde highlights. I loved it. You would look great with this type of change. (I would second the "stay away from red" comment as I have the same type of undertones and red hair makes me look gross and splotchy.)

Anyway, I think you should definitely go darker. If you never do, you will always wonder. And life is just TOO short for that! You can always change it back after just a couple of months.

The first time I colored mine darker, it didn't take very well. You might want to discuss coloring with a slightly darker shade than you think you want because your hair is so light. My stylist didn't want to do this, and so the first time didn't look very dark at all.

A few months later I had it done again - with a much darker shade this time - and the highlights really lightened it. It looks great.

I am currently about to chop off all my hair for Locks of Love and go back blonde, but I will always be glad I did the brown this year.

Have fun! Hair grows and colors change. :)


I think you would look great in darker shades of brown. Brunette could be also a softer look and goes nice with big curls. I would be more caution when choosing red shades because you have some pink undertone.

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