Styling Spiky and Edgy Look

I chose this particular video mostly because she is a gorgeous model for short hair and her hair color as platinum blond sets her apart from other videos. But also because it shows you how to create a spiky, edgy look in few steps:

from flat straight hair to texture and edgy look

apply gel to hair Step 1 - Apply EverStyle Strong Hold Gel to wet hair using fingers and work through the hair from roots to the ends.

blow dry hair with fingers Step 2 - Blow dry hair using fingers and just direct the hair in desire direction and shape.

blow dry hair using round brush Step 3- When hair almost dry, use a small round brush to polish and finish the look. Use more gel if you think some area needs extra definition. If you need more hold then use EverStyle Strong Hold Spray to finish the look.

Styling Spiky and Edgy Look
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