Tone Down The Orange

by Michelle

My natural hair colour is a very light brown, almost a dark blonde, and I had my hair dyed black for a long time, I recently had the black stripped from my hair which has left my hair orange, with lighter shades and dark shades, my natural regrowth is visible but i want to tone down the orange, to a light brown without going too dark, how is this possible?

Tone Down Orange

By: Flo Briggs
I know exactly the problem when the hair is tinted black it is very hard to make it lighter (with out the orange shade)

Solution : If hair is still in good condition , you can do another application of bleach (strip once more ) avoid root area , leave bleach on for 30 minutes , shampoo out , lightly blow dry and apply tint # 7 ash color with 10 volume developer all over , leave on for 30 to 40 minutes , shampoo and condition and proceed to style hair. I strongly suggest that you let the professional do this.

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