Treating damaged hair and scalp with Rejuvé 3

This is about a product that has been used for many years by Dermatologists to treat damaged hair and scalp of clients. Rejuvé 3 is a 3-step hair care repair solution that is now available as an over-the-counter product to the general public.

According to US based Derjers International (Headquartered in Detroit), Rejuvé 3 is a proven system that works at the cellular level, unclogging pores and stimulating blood circulation to the scalp to promote healthy hair growth, deliver nutrients and moisture to each hair follicle.

In testimonial section on their website, one user wrote: "Due to my severe white flakes, the thought of wearing dark clothes was repulsive, Thanks to Rejuvé3 I don't have to worry about that anymore! I use it daily and both my hair and scalp feel fresh and clean."

In another article a review posted by another user: "I have really thick, curly, long hair that takes a lot of time to tame and style. Since I use so many hair products, I normally can’t go a day without washing it, but when I use Rejuvé3 I don’t have to wash for at least 2 days since my hair feels so amazing! What impressed me was that since I use a lot of wax and hair gel, I normally have to shampoo several times to get it out, but with Rejuvé Step 1, it washes out with one wash. It’s incredible..."

I certainly love to hear more about this product. A list of ingredients, how many type of scalp problems solved and if there are any side effects for people with sensitive scalp!

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