Two Tips on How to Style Short Fine Hair

Here one video on how to style short fine hair to add control, texture, shine and volume. The video shows two different styles using styling mud and styling paste as products.

If you wonder about the product in this video, it is Alterna hemp seed styling mud but any similar product will do the job. Related: Benefits of hemp shampoo

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Not for everyone - by: Annie

I think her hair looks great - However she obviously has some body already in her hair. Mine is baby fine and flat - wax would just weigh it down and make it look greasy.

Thank you! - by: Kriz

I have had chemo and my hair is this length now I was terrible today about it and felt really sad as, i was tired of seeing the pretty videos on TV with long luscious locks and upload your swish I can't upload my swish anywhere... but, this video has proven very helpful so thank you!

Glad to go Pixie - by: Becca

I've just gone for the short hair cut, having mine a little longer than the models in this video with about a centimeter more length around the front - I'm a sucker for sideburns hahaha. No, I really love having short hair. It's so versatile - I only have to wash it, let it dry and run some gel through it to make it funky and stylish everyday. Because it's so thick naturally, it took my so long to dry when it was younger. I'm so glad I've gone pixie now!

Wavy in my 60 - by: Anonymous

I love the style but I am in my 60 although people say I don't look my age, how would that be for a mature person also I have a wave to my hair HA! HA!

Love, Love, Love it! - by: Anonymous

I'm 51 years old. Have short grey spunky hair. Always use gel but am going to try the paste/mud for a softer look. If you keep it short, tidy, and fun - you can get away with "spunky" at any age. Love it!

Me too - by: liz

I just told hairdresser to cut my hait short, i have a similar hair cut. I was shocked at first has my hair was originally shoulder length. i wanted to mess it up. Thanks

Short and Fine - by: Anonymous

That is just the type hair I have and love both styles...I'd wear both one for work and one for off days. Thanks. going out tomorrow to get the precision cut and buy some mud.

Creative - by: Anonymous

I cut my own hair. I'm known for my spunky creative looks. I liked hers alot.Just need to cut the back a few and razor the bangs! Great cut! Most girls have a great cut but just don't know how to style. Just get messy and use gels, muds etc. Take your time!

Loved it! - by: Anonymous

She's such a cute girl with a great personality. The hair is awesome and she has multiple ways of styling it so it's never the same, boring, predictable cut. Loved this girl!

Not for me - by: fine and thin

Cute cut, but it looked greasy to me. Also, her hair may be fine, but it looks thick, not sparse like alot of fine haired women. IF I used that stuff, my hair would be greasy and stuck to my head, and my scalp would peep out here and there. Pretty much like I hadn't washed my hair is a few days.

Love molding paste - by: Deborah, London

I got short medium fine hair in vivid red colour and use KMS hairplay molding paste and love the result. Yes its greasy, but you should only use a very small amount and warm it up in your hand before use.

No products for me - by: Anonymous

Hi whilst I think this style looks good believe me if you have fine hair nothing will help but a real good cut that allows movement in the hair. As we age movement is important in the hair I think. My own opinion as I cannot stand products of my own hair.

Fine Styling - by: stylist

I am a stylist with baby fine flat hair and if I did that to my hair it would fall to my head and would be greasy looking. I use root booster and a medium hold hair spray to move my hair around and with my fingers and get different styles with out the weight problem and it last all day.If you curl your hair with a curling iron finish curling it and let it sit a few minutes to get cold and then fix it will last longer.

love it! - by: Deb

I just had my hair cut in a pixie, I have short, very fine hair, and loved her haircut and the styling tips are so helpful! I have American Crew hair wax and am going to try these tips!

Looks young and sexy - by: Anonymous

I've been looking for a "cool" cut and style for my age.,..43. I;m tired of my soccer mom bob and I think this is the perfect solution. Thanks!

Love the first style - by: Tina, Denmark

Really love her haircut and the way she style hair hair in first part. flot kort hår!!

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