What Causes Gray Hair to Turn Green - How to Rinse?

by Tracey
(Houston, TX)

Photo by Melan Cholia

Photo by Melan Cholia

What causes gray hair to turn green and what would be a good rinse to use on black hair without the gray turning green? I am allergic to hair dye so I must use a rinse, the young lady who does my hair put a rinse in (Paul Mitchell) and now my green is slowly turning gray, what would be the best product for me?

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Gray hair turning Green
by: Susan

So of course I have the same problem with may Gray turning a yellowish green. I only started noticing my gray dulling over the past 6 months and then 2 weeks ago my husband said my hair was turning green!

I asked a hair dresser friend and this was her response: Why would your hair turn green?
1. Swimming/chlorine
2. New hair products
3. Too hot of settings on heating tools
4. New medications

I've been using a high setting on my flat iron and I bet that's the answer to my "why"

1. Ketchup is okay because it neutralizes the green and clarify's hair, but may not get rid of it.
2. White vinegar should work the same way as ketchup
3. A Malibu treatment - clarifying treatment can be purchased at Sally, Beauty Brands
4. Using a clarifying shampoo and conditioner should keep it away.

PL help
by: Lisa

What cause hair to go from grey to green is this a form of mold

grey turns green
by: Yvette

I think I'm allergic two permanent dyes. Every time I dye my hair with the Dark and Lovely or Revlon just to name afew (black), my scalp itches like crazy and i end up scratching until it bleeds. I have tried the Adorn and other hair rinses but they all turn my grey green, what can I use to prevent that from happening and what can i use to turn it back grey?

RE: grey hair after perming and shampooing has green tint
by: Anonymous

For green tint you can use something like Redken Pre Art treatment. It is specially designed to remove minerals that causing the tint. For transition, keep using any moisturizer with anti-frizz. I prefer something like Bb.Straight Conditioner. Keep trimming the ends and don't let hair bend on itself as it growns longer. I do not recommend supermarket color products in your case. I recommend embracing your grey and use highlight to mix and blend with your natural hair color. It will be much easier for you to maintain it.

grey hair after perming and shampooing has green tint
by: Anonymous

I am 69 years old, now transitioning from from perm to natural. I have grey around my temples and front of head with mixed area around ears. I washed my hair last week and now has the green tint to it. How do I get rid of the green tint permanently, and what products in your opinion would be best for transitioning stage of perm hair to natural that will keep moisture. Back area of head is coming along fine, the crown is taking longer to transition.
If I wanted to color my hair after getting rid of green tint, what would be best color product to use.

Hair turn green
by: Von

Hi my hair was grey I dyed it black and it turn green what happen

Greenish Greg hair
by: Anonymous

Thank God for this site. I used the ketchup and the green went away immediately. I'm 56 and mostly Greg. I thought I would have that greenish incredible hulk forever..lol. Thanks so much. Georgia

I had perfect white hair now it has bands of green
by: Anonymous

Everyone commented on my hair for it silky white all over look, until recently when green bands appeared not from the roots. I have not coloured or permed it for many years so why is this happening? I am in my early 70s and thankfully still very active walking, golf and many other activities spending most days in the fresh air regardless of the weather.

I try to use more nature products such as tea tree shampoos and very little conditioners.

Can you help?

Gray turned green
by: Anonymous

So do you put the ketchup in your hair before or after you wash it?

The Ketchup trick worked!!!
by: Denny

I just relaxed my white hair after 11 years to prove to my sister her hair wouldn't turn green. To my absolute horror and laughter from my niece and sister it did indeed tint my gorgeous white hair a greenish yellow! Trying to neutralize it again made things worst then I saw the comment from Veronica about trying Ketchup and hot dang it worked! It stung of course from the vinegar but the hue has been subdued by 90% I'm following my regular washes with Silver lights this week. THANKS VERONICA!!

Green tinted hair
by: Marilyn

I first started noticing my grey hair had a yellow tint to it so my hairdresser had me use Matrix Total Results, So Silver shampoo. Then I started having a green tint to my hair. So he told me to stop using over the counter shampoos/conditioners and started me on Redken All Soft shampoo and conditioner and I still have a green tint, it is not as bad, but I still have it.

He does have me doing a clarifying treatment (Paul Mitchell) twice a week but it relaxes my hair so I have no curl.

I do water aerobics 3 times a week, but my head does not go under the water. I do get splashed, but not dripping wet. So if anyone has any ideas what I can do, I would really appreciate it.

Green Hair - ketchup solved it
by: Veronica

I recently went natural and let the beautiful silver out, I am 53 and had been silver since 31. I just relaxed a tiny portion on my head and it turned green, I was horrified and quickly searched the web for a natural remedy and found that if you wash hair with ketchup, it'll go away, I thought it was crazy, tried it and BAM, gone in an instant🙋🏽, I am ecstatic!!

Grey hair rinse
by: Carol

I'm 66 years old with grey hair. .after a relaxer my hair would turn a greenish/yellow . I use a rinse product called BANTU Yellow out conditioner available at Sally Beauty Supply. Works beautifully to restore that grey

why is my hair green
by: Anonymous

I am a 42 year African American lady when I wash my hair after relaxing my hair I noticed that it was green.

green tintec grey hair
by: Anonymous

I am 66 year old, African American with grey around my face temples an mixed at top of head. lately after shampooing hair using (pantene for dry hair &shampoo for dry hair) grey has greenish tint. what is best coloring product to use to rid green tint after perming?

Get green out of gray hair
by: Curtis

You need to get a Malibu Crystal gel treatment and sometimes called a Malibu Makeover. The reason you hair is turning green when you are natural and grey is the buildup of Copper in the water. Most areas have hard water and ever if you don't have hard water you my likely have copper water pipes. When you shower and shampoo hair minerals like calcium, iron, copper, nickel have the tendency to change people hair color over time as the minerals build up on your hair and oxidize. Copper oxidizes and turns green and it will due this in your hair, iron makes the hair seem and look yellow. My recommendation is go to a professional salon that does the service and your hair will feel the difference as well as look amazing.

White hair turning green
by: Chrissy

I'm 64 all my hairdressers have commented on what a beautiful colour my natural hair which has turned white with very dark at nape of neck, looks like I have put colour on, anyway to my horror people have started say my hair is turning green, what can I do to rectify it

RE: Sally
by: N.F.

Do you suspect that she might take any specific medication(s) that could cause this? Normally metals are the reason hair turn green. Like wearing glasses that has metal frames or non coated hair pins. The heat and sweating under wig could accelerate the reaction. Or perhaps the lace contains some sort of materials that cause this reactions.

Grey hair turning greenish/yellow
by: Sally

I've been a stylist for 20 some years, I thought the cause of green tints in natural grey and white hair was due to environment, heat tools and certain styling aids, I also specialize in people with alopecia. I recently had one of my gals who wears a remy (human hair) wig show me that she has green in what little grey hair she has under her wig. I'm baffled because she always wears her wig, no heat tools and uses a gentle shampoo and no styling aids. Any answers out there? What's causing this and what to do about it?

RE: Angela
by: N.F.

Grey strands are more resistant to absorb color pigments and probably because the grey hair you had before was not completely covered, when you applied black the blue pigments in black combined with remaining yellow in your grey and turned into green. You need corrective coloring with red rinse to counteract the effect! Go to a salon and they can correct it for you with less cost.

Green hair
by: Angela

My hair is reddish brown but When I try 2 color it black my gray turns green, why?

to Steph
by: Lilly

If you can't tolerate hair dye then work with color pigmented shampoos. You can try using brown pigment shampoo to add more brown to cover.

Gray hair turned green
by: Stephanie

I am African American and a dark brown color rinse was applied to my hair at a salon. After washing, my hair now has a green tint (I am assuming that the gray is what picked up the green tint). I saw where someone else was given the advice to use a Demi or permanent color, but I can not my hair can't take it, it will break off. What can I do about the green now and how can avoid it in the future?

Redken hair cleansing cream shampoo
by: N.F.

That could help remove buildup or any mineral from water that "might" caused discoloration. It wont perform miracle but it works!

Hair turning Green
by: Betty

My hair is natural. I had a lot of gray hair, now I have green hair instead of my gray. Don't know what happen and if some one could please tell me what shampoo and cream rinse to use to get it back to normal. Thank you very much!

Tinted black

Its not about brand but the type of dye - For coloring grey to black (if you have strong African American texture) you need demi to permanent dye. You probably used a temporary or wash out colors. It usually turn green due to loss of pigments!

grey hair tinted black turning green
by: irma courtney

I have African American hair, with a relaxer, MY hair is gray at he roots and around the front and sides up to about three inches, I tint it black and when I shampoo a couple of times it turns brown or some other embarrassing color, this time it turned green, what brand of dye or tint will prevent this?

Grey bangs
by: Anonymous

I have natural grey hair and for some reason now my bangs are green, how do I get the green out and keep it out?

Natural gray turns green
by: Ppppjjjj

My Gray hair has developed a green tint. Reason? I'm told swimming pool chemicals.

Treatment: I'm told everything from Chelation shampoos, add baking soda to gray shampoo.
I've stayed away from Gray shampoo thinking that's where the blue hairs come from!
All say to wet hair and keep a conditioner on it before going into pool. That keeps the hair shielded.
Don't know!
Any more ideas or professional opinions?

Removing green
by: JJ

Tracy, do you know the name of the product and what asked you to do? And did you apply rinse? Normally it should be 2-3 days. But I can't tell you unless I know more

Grey hair turned green
by: Tracey

I just got my hair permed and a rinse for my hair it was Black and Grey, The grey has turned green. How long should I wait to get it back to the correct color?

Grey hair turning green
by: Sue

Thank you, I will look for that ! The Clairol Shimmers Shampoo hasn't worked.

Natural gray hair turning green :(
by: Sue

I am 63 yrs. old. I let my hair go natural about 18 yrs ago. It grayed very nicely..however, this year, I have noticed as have many people who dare to mention it, that my hair around my face and bangs has obvious green high lights. I am a non smoker. What could be casuing it and what can I do to "fix" it. I really hope I don't have to begin to dye my hair again. I would appreciate any help you can give me :)

Thank You !!

Natural Oxidation
by: Anonymous

Grey hair (specially at ends which become aged, brittle and dull) can turn into yellow or eventually green due to oxidation process. Most likely caused by pollution and environment. One product that can deal with this sort of problem is "L'oréal Professionnel Homme Grey".

Same here
by: Vivian

Thanks Felica. Your answer was helpful. I had the same problem as Tracey. I just got my hair colored to cover my gray but this time I made a mistake and wanted to try a burgundy on my previous color (med ash blonde). I got beautiful result BUT turned my gray to greenish tone. I was looking for a explanation. I go to a pro tomorrow! - Thanks

Grays turning green
by: felicia

You may be using the wrong hair color product. A lot of times any ash tone will cause grays to go green or if stylists or you yourself are mixing a like blonde and brown or burgundy shades with ash this is very bad. Some neutral shades will also make hair turn greenish. I, for example have natural light golden brown hair I can use a med or light golden blonde as I have in the past or even a golden neutral. If I use only neutral for some reason my hair gets a slight greenish cast.

Natural hair has pigments of red and gold naturally even if you are naturally an ash shade if you go strictly ash you will go green. Look at your hair in natural light in the sun. If you have any dark roots and they are not all gray you should see different tones in your hair. Stick with your own tones whether blonde, brown red ect... tones are the color a little beyond what you notice unless you look very closely you should see if your tones are more red or gold.
If they are neither red or gold, you may border between neutral and ash. But never go all ash. Seek a different stylist also always get a few opinions you will know who to seek if at least 3 stylists tell you the same as far as your tone and what would look best with your skin and personality.

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