What colour product last more than 4 weeks?

by Catherine

I am in my 50's so therefore going grey I have tried several makes of hair colour practically my same hair colour but find that all only last approx 3 weeks before the grey at my temples and hairline then roots starts to appear again. Has anyone got a suggestion which make of colour will last the 4 plus weeks that most profess - please help.
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Redhead and Grey Cover
by: N.F.

If your roots start to show after 3 weeks then you have a healthy hair growth and doesn't matter what product or colour to choose. You will still need touch-up every three weeks regardless of how good the colour is!

If on the other hand your root still not showing after three weeks but the part your coloured started to fade-away and grey appear then that is another case. Red hair colour normally fade very fast and can't cover grey very well.

You can either extend the life of your hair colour by using colour-pigmented shampoos and conditioners (Just remember that both Shampoo and conditioner must be color-pigmented) or if you done that with no success then go for professional permanent colours like "Koleston Perfect" from Wella. You can buy them in Sally Beauty Salons and get directions on how to use them.

To cover grey or white hair with red you need a special mix. You need two part red and one part natural shade.

Next best choice is L'Oréal Récital Préférence.

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