What Colour to Choose for Natural Mousy Blonde

by Phoebe

I'm a hair dye virgin and I really want to colour my hair. My natural hair colour is a mousey blonde but I don't think it suits me that much. My skin is quite fair but also a bit tanned, my eyes are grey-blue and my face is a round shape, please could you help me find the right color to die my hair?

Mousy Blonde

By: Flo Briggs
I think your hair will look great with more gold color in it ; It will makes your hair more alive and vibrant. To achieve that look , you will need to ask your stylist to apply a light golden blonde color , such as level # 8.3 with 20 volume developer all over your hair and leave on for 20 to 30 minutes , If you will be doing this yourself or have a friend do it , the time of application must be very fast ( no longer than 10 minutes ) since hair color starts the action immediately . I'm sure you will be very happy with the results.

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be careful!
by: lisa

I'm a mousey dark blonde too and am growing it out for the first time since I was about 17 (I'm 38 now!). My advice is seriously do NOT get an all over colour, it will wreck the condition of your hair which I bet is silky and strong. Also the roots will look much darker than your hair actually is next to the blonder dye. You have my eye colour too and I would recommend a few fine highlights around your face only just to give a 'sun kissed' look. Nobody keeps our hair colour but it looks classy not brassy!!

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