What hair color is best for brown eyes and fair skin?

by Rachel

Same skin tone with different colors and styles

Same skin tone with different colors and styles

Same skin tone with different colors and styles White blonde!? Dark and medium brown Redish brown

My natural hair color is a light to medium brown with a redish tent. I have brown eyes and fair skin, and I want a hair color that will enhance my brown eyes. what color do you think I should dye my hair? Thanks for the help!!

Colors for brown eyes

by: ProStyler
Rich Auburn, Dark and medium brown and warm golden brown hair colors - All could create an incredible effect. The key is in intensity or shade depth of a given color. Colors could be selected to match the intensity of natural eye color -- overall or in blending as high/low light. If you can match one of those over the counter colors, then lucky you! Otherwise, only salon colorists can create those true in-between shades.

Creating harmony

by: Anonymous

Finding the best color is all about creating harmony with rest of your look and your eye color is only one piece of the puzzle.

Red Tone: It depend what red tone you have. You need to take a closer look at your complexion. If you have a pale complexion with some pink/blue undertone, then you should for example avoid copper red tones. If you however have more yellow and golden undertone, then all shade of brown with red copper tone will work fine.

Keep your face fresh

by: G.L.

You can have some lighter tones around hairline as long as you stay along the same tones as you have now and no more than two depths lighter. Just enough to reflect some light and soften your face, so your eyes can glow better. Stay away from overall highlights, if you have very dark brown hair!

Copper for cool

by: Andy

In my experience the best color for fair skin with brown or hazel eyes is red copper cool. It makes the overall look so vibrant and sexy.

hair color

by: Anonymous

I would go with a strawberry blond or a light red

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Your skin can look yellow
by: Cos Instructorthesis

Anyone with naturally dark hair should stay away from warm tones, too enhance your eyes you should go with cooler tones, like brown violet or deep browns.You can have red brown as long as its dark enough.

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