What kind of hair extensions looks good on me

I have a question .... what kind of hair extensions would do best and look good on me.

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Extension for wavy/frizzy hair?
by: Anonymous

In photo I can see you have the right length and your hair looks strong enough to hold extension. The only problem I see is your hair texture which appear to be naturally wavy/frizzy and that could be a problem because most extensions are straight and might not have the same wave pattern as your natural hair and that will not look good if blended together. Between these, your best choice is still straight human hair extension.

Most hair extensions are naturally slightly wavy and the patterns are different and might not be same as your hair pattern. Curly hair extensions mostly come in defined curls and again that might not be the same as yours.

As for the type; you can have clip on extensions which are temporary used to add length and volume and can be installed or removed by yourself with a bit of practice on special occasions or permanent extension which will stay for up to 6 month and must be done by real professional to look good. Both types available as human hair extensions and non-synthetic. Get a consultation with a hair salon or professional that carries several types.

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