What to do with my hair - Help?

by Melissa

Goldish on one side?

Goldish on one side?

I have naturally light brown hair but because of a lot of sun exposure my hair has alot of random golden highlights. One side (especially in this picture) looks golden while the other side looks more brown. I am a little tanner than this (florescent lighting makes me look lighter) and my eyes are a dark green color. Oh and i have naturally curly hair but i straighten it. I dont know weather i should keep my hair the way it is or dye it, and if i dye it i dont know what color, help?

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What to do?
by: Shellie

Your hair is really pretty but if you do color it would be best to stay close to your natural color and then add some blonde low lights. This way it won't be so dark for the summer plus the sun will add extra later. But it may even it out. If you have someone to put some layers in it, it will make it have more body and not feel so heavy. Plus it will be more manageable. I know i have long hair and I am figuring out whether to cut it or not?


That what I call natural sun-kissed highlight. Why would you want to dye it? It look nice. Just re-style your hair... Like getting a different hair cut, more layers and just a little shorter.

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