White Sticky Layer on Scalp After Washing

by Ben

I have white sticky layer on scalp after washing and this has been going on for a few years really but its gotten worse recently. I have short hair so its very noticeable as well! Basically when I wash my hair, or it gets wet or I'm playing a sport and getting extra sweaty this white layer forms on my head. If I scratch it it comes off but my hair is very weak so it usually brings hair with it which is very frustrating! Even if I do remove it it comes back in a few days usually.

I have very oily hair so I'm thinking its something to do with the skin on the scalp always being too moist and going funny when it gets wet?

Its really frustrating and there have been a few things I have read online but no one ever seems to come to a conclusion. I've also been to the doctor but its almost like they don't believe/understand it....anyone think that they can help?

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Aug 05, 2013
Possible solution
by: Anonymous

I might be having a similar problem and am considering getting that shampoo. But not sure of what I have.

Oct 18, 2009
Same problem
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem. Haven't been able to find a solution on the net. Can you please help me out too and tell me if you've found something out yet for this?
Would really appreciate it.

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