Will getting blonde hair under my brown hari look nice?

by rachel

kinda a gross pic

kinda a gross pic

Ok so i really want to change my hair style and color but i need to know if it will look good. Here is a picture of what i want done but without the blond on the top only the bottom tell me what you think

Thanks. Please tell me as soon as possible and be honest thank you!!!

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by: Care bear

Yes it would look nice!! :)

by: Morgan

You would look totally epic with that I've been dying to dye the underneath of my hair but it's to short:( but I think you should dye the price on top blonde to it would look really cute but like just know that it take alot of styling and product to keep your hair that style trust me cuz my hair used be styled just like hers and I had to take an hour in the morning just to style it so just make sure your prepared to take the time to style it and everything but yes it would look amazing:)

Go fo it
by: Anonymous

I would like to do that. i am going to do it at the end of the summer so it lasts the whole school year. I think that you should go for it because it looks so amazing.

by: Anonymous

Yes.. it looks Nice... I been looking for a picture or at least an idea to how to die my hair and I love the way you dyed your hair. It is beautiful hair color and hairstyle. It is just the way i want it.

super cute!
by: Anonymous

You should seriously go for it.your dark hair looks nice but the blonde will bring out your face a whole lot more!

by: dusty annn

I want to do the same thing to my hair and i don't want the blond on top either. I think it looks good with this picture. Just let me know that it might look good on me too(: lol.
so thanks. lol.

for sure!
by: Shay

I wanna do the same thing. My hair is like as dark as yours and i wanna dye it like a darker blonde underneath. but i wanna dye my hair a little bit lighter brown

It will look great!!!!
by: Kayla

I had it done and i loved it!!! so get it done!!!!!!!!!!!

by: Anonymous

You should put the blonde on top it will look really good :)

go a shade darker
by: Anonymous

Well i think you should go a shade darker or ever black because you have enough color in your face that it would look good. Then get just some highlights underneath. It looks really good like that and it is a lot easier on your hair because when you strip the color out of your hair or even lighten it, it always comes out an oarngeish color and it will take a long time to become that blond unless you really damage your hair in the process.

All over blonde!
by: Aislynn (Renee) [:

You should totally go ALL over blonde!
It would look adorable! :D

by: Anonymous

No, this girl looks good with it because of her make up, you have to have a certain look to pull it off.. Not being rude but you might look trashy. I say either go all blonde or darken your brown with blonde under neath a few sections like the bangs and then id say two peekaboos one in the back and one on the opposite side of your bangs.

go for it!
by: Ashleigh

Go for it! you'd totally rock that hairstyle and color.
My hair is cut somewhat like that and i've been thinking about dying the top part of my hair.
just have fun with it and go with whatever you think would look best :P

blonde hair with brown underneath
by: MelanneyFaye'PAINN.

That will look really nice if you do blonde underneath. I have blonde hair with brown underneath & its look really nice either way (:xx

That rocks
by: adrian:)<3

Its great i'm looking for a new hairstyle too lol.. You will look good with your hair done like that but on your bangs do the tips red and you will look hot!

by: Anonymous

That haircut is called "a scene" haircut, relatively new to salons. Be sure to bring a picture with you as some stylist can be out of date when it comes to style....

by: Anonymous

i really love your hair im gunna get in like this to.. what is the hair cut name?

Do it
by: Anonymous

I want to do the same thing and i might do it tomorrow or soo and i think it will turn out great with your hair and mine.

Doing the same thing today
by: erica

hi :) . I'm doing the same thing today well actaully im debating. I think it would look really nice on you. You could also die your top a little darker so like the top and bottom would be completely opposite, idk I think itd look good.
but either way I think you would look really good with it.

do it
by: Anonymous

My hair is exactly like hers in the picture except for the blonde on top, like you want. And it looks great on me so I'm sure it would look awesome on you.

Blonde hair
by: Katie

You should totally do your hair like that pic above the comment. You would look really pretty with that hair style.

by: tori

I'm doing the same thing!!! hah
At first i was thinking that blond would be kinda wierd underneath. But i have that hairstyle, just haven't put any color in it yet. I thought it was different cuz everyone else has black underneath :)
But yeah its great!!!

by: Anonymous

You should go all the way blonde, a good tone of blonde would look awesome on you!

Go for it
by: Anonymous

I think it would look great on yours. Just choose the right blonde color or tone, perhaps a little warmer with few golden hue!?

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