Amino fusion smoothing treatment - Review request

by Margo

Amino Fusion

Amino Fusion

I have been doing TONS of research on keratin treatment because as badly as I want straight hair I do love it anyway (even tho it's frizzy and curly!) But at first I was just nervous about the formaldehyde gases causing irritation in the eyes, nose, etc. But I NEVER had any idea these treatments could cause HAIRLOSS. This is especially sensitive for me because I dealt with (and am still dealing with slight) hair loss due to my birth control pills causing hormonal issues (I don't know this for a fact but every time I switched off my birth control- yaz- it would start falling out).

Anyway, when I first saw these posts I wanted to just blow it off and say oh, it won't happen to me! But then I kept reading and reading and have been reading this for about an 1hr and 30min now. And yes, you have changed my mind!

Anyway, in all the research I did I found a salon that offers a product called f450 Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatment. This product IS completely formaldehyde free - at least there are no "-hydes" to speak of on MSDS sheet (you can go on the website to see the MSDS for yourself and I will post the link below) and also NO KERATIN!!!

Through all of this I have been hearing hair stylist after hair stylist say that excessive amounts of Keratin in the hair cause it to break or stop growing. So, I am wondering - with no harsh chemicals AND no keratin (the reason this product is keratin free is because Keratin is derived from animals and this product is vegan - I found it on a site for a vegan salon) will this product cause the same breakage/hair loss?? I am going to do more research. Uses amino acids to smooth? I know it probably won't work as well, but if it were to just smooth out the frizz that's ALL I want.

Anyway, please give me feedback on this, if any of you know about it I will be sooo appreciative. Also, please feel free to do research and get back to me. I will do the same.

Thanks so much to you all for writing about this and getting me to see/think clearly about what I was about to do. All of you dealing with hairloss you are in my heart and prayers. Keep your head up and keep thinking positive thoughts! you will be surprised how well positive thought works!! I wish you all the best and I feel your pain.

Link for product below. BTW it's made by Thermafuse - any one know this company??

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Jan 12, 2020
Works Great for Black Women!
by: Black Beauty

This stuff works very well for black women with natural hair. I've used it for 3 plus years and it works great! No - it's not going to give you the complete results of a permanent or a keratin treatment, because it's not! After I wash my hair and while it's wet, I use "CIBU balm" from the Haircuttery and that helps it stay straighter in high humidity areas like Florida. And for Goodness Sake...pls find someone that knows how to apply this, it's not like applying a perm.

If.....If you've used a keratin treatment on your cannot use this product behind a keratin won't work!
Yes it will lighten your hair whether it's color treated or your natural color. That said....if your hair is color treated a very light or bright color, then you should expect it to be much lighter....
Ladies - if your hair is "fine", then use the regular formula.
If your hair is "coarse/thick", then use the extra strength formula.

Don't sell this product does what it was designed to do Relieve Frizz....not completely do away with it. And to keep my hair from turning into an Afro, I'll take whatever I can get versus using a permanent. It holds my hair for 6 full months and I couldn't be more satisfied.....probably because my expectations are realistic!

Jul 03, 2019
Thanks for honest review
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your honest review. Helps alot

Jun 28, 2019
going for my 2nd treatment
by: Anonymous

I did keratin when it first came out and it didn't really work or last for me. I have very fine, fragile ,prone to breakage very highlighted hair.

I was concerned about damage and hair loss and as much as I wanted less frizz I didn't want damage from hot iron. My stylist wont use formaldehyde products as she doesn't want the risk to herself or clients and had been mentioning this amino "smoother" for years. It reduces frizz up to 80 % and should last 2-3 months but wont fully straighten your hair.

I wasn't touching a flat iron so I passed until another trip to Florida and she thought my texture was getting frizzier so I did it on a whim. I had just highlighted my hair and few days later did the treatment. She did lower temps on my fragile hairline and ends and I was able to wear my hair down and not be a poof ball by the end of the evening.
My only complaint is that it didn't last completely as long as I would have liked. Little hairs underneath started to get frizzy again in a few weeks but overall still some benefit left in hair but going to try again at 3 month mark since its summer.

I used sulfate free shampoos and don't wash everyday as my hair is very dry prior to treatment from bleach. It did not affect my highlights.

Jan 25, 2019
by: I Am Groot

This treatment does contain formaldehyde.. the website does not list its ingredients anywhere!!! Beware! They claim is formaldehyde free when it’s not they just changed the name to make it seem safer..

Nov 15, 2015
Buy Amino fusion treatment
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm from France and i discovered the Amino fusion when i was leaving a year in CA.
Do you know where i can find online this product, please?

Thank you for your answer.

Apr 20, 2013
by: Anonymous

Had Thermafuse 450 Amino Acid smoothing treatment today as salon where I normally get keratin treatment no longer offers keratin.

The thermafuse process is similar to keratin however, my hair had highlights in it [which salon owner was informed and it was obvious] and by the end of the treatment my hair was 3 shades lighter and one ugly, orange-tinged blob of color. The owner tried to say that this was impossible but when I researched on the Internet there are blogs about other people whose hair was lightened by this product.

The keratin products left my hair a lot more frizz free and smoother than this product. I went to my colorist to show the damage as I have appointment for highlights next week - he is saying we can only do the roots and fix the orange hair. I would NEVER recommend this product to anyone with color treated hair.

Mar 27, 2013
Thermafuse is GREAT!
by: Diane

I've had 3 treatments, and going for my 4th now. I absolutely love it, and can't recommend it enough. It lasts way more than 3 months if you don't wash your hair every day and use the products, or at least ones without sulfates and sodium chloride. My hair has never looked healthier.

And, I have tried many, many other straighteners and keratin treatments in search of the perfect one. I found it in Thermafuse 450 Amino Acid treatment. I can't recommend it enough. I have the worst, frizzy, kinky, weird curly, not "nice' curly hair in the world. I also color it.

Amino acid is protein, so you are fusing protein into your hair, not keratin, no formaldehyde, etc.

Just love it!

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