Any positive experiences with hair relaxers?

by Adrienne Rivera

After 19 years of being alive, I have quite the love hate relationship with my curls. I have really tight curls (none of that wavy stuff that people in the South thinks are curls) and I think I've suffered from the many pitfalls that people with curly hair have ahead of them.

I've had botched bobs that would make Bozo the Clown proud. I've had really long hair that was hard to manage. Currently I've settled for a shoulder length yield sign. Because my curls are so hard to manage I use tons of product (which probably dries it out) and makes it crunchy to the touch.

I really yearn for soft curls (you know the ones I'm talking about? Relaxed curls like...Emmy Rossum or Bethany Joy Galeotti) and a really soft side swept bang. I want to maintain a curl (honestly, I'd miss them if they were gone for good) and I'm completely at a loss of how to do it.

My mom has told me my entire life that a relaxer will RUIN my hair (cue the scary doom music) and I'm really thinking that I want one.

Any positive experiences with relaxers? Any negative experiences? Any advice would be amazing!

Also, any amazing to die for products that y'all are loyal to?

Use a texturizer

By: Su
Hi -
You may want to use use a texturizer or a no-lye relaxer like the ones offered by Mizani.

The relaxer should not be kept in too long, just enough to loosen your curls up a bit - not so much that your hair becomes totally straight. If done right, even when you get touch ups on your new growth of 2-3 inches, slight overlapping won't cause your hair to break off , because the previously relaxed hair wasn't completely straight and totally chemically damaged.

Wash less frequently (1-2 times a week) and every time use a good deep or leave-in conditioner.

Finish off with a light creme leave-in conditioner and hair oil and mouse. (I use Johnson and Johnson lavender baby oil and herbal essense mousse).
Good luck!

NEVER again

By: Anonymous
The first time I had my hair relaxed was an amazing experience. Afterwards, I could get out of the shower and not even blow dry my hair and it would be stick straight and beautiful when it dried.

3 years later, I decided to go ahead and do it again. I went to the same, reputable, salon, had them use the exact same product, but had a horrible experience. My hair is still curly, but it is broken and bent horribly at the roots. Running your hand over my scalp feels like running your hand up your legs when they are all prickly because you need to shave. I have no idea what went wrong but what you should know is that it is absolutely NOT worth ruining your hair.
I have no idea what will happen as it grows out, but I will never ever put chemicals in my hair again. I have been losing a lot of hair since getting it relaxed a week ago, and I am seriously afraid that my hair is all going to fall out.
My recommendation is to NEVER GET YOUR HAIR RELAXED.

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