BKT or Brazilian Keratin Treatment - Formaldehyde-free Alternatives

by Jordana Lorraine
(Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA)

yours truly with Brazilian Blowout

yours truly with Brazilian Blowout

If the Brazilian Keratin Treatment you've read about online sound dangerous, but the results are intriguing, read on...

I am a Brazilian Blowout (TM) Specialist in Santa Monica, CA. This product contains no formaldehyde, does not require a mask and has no waiting period before you can wash your hair.

My website contains info, testimonials, photos and FAQ about 3 formaldehyde-free keratin treatments. Brazilian Blowout is my favorite (have it done every 3 months), but I also use Keratin Complex and Global Keratin's formaldehyde-free formula for certain hair types/results.

This is a response to another about Brazilian Keratin Treatment. That other article referenced the BKT containing formaldehyde and being dangerous to use or have used on your hair.

Unfortunately, there are many products with similar names and they are often confused even though they have different chemical make-up, safety concerns, and results.

My keratin treatments are formaldehyde-free and safe. I use Brazilian Blowout (my personal fave), Keratin Complex by Coppola and Global Keratin's formadehyde-free treatment.


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Jan 15, 2014
by: Nancy

We like to use European keratin smoothing TM by BOMBSHELL KERATIN. It is 100% safe and using in EU (as you know Brazilian keratin treatment and Methylene Glycol are banned there)
It gives good results and absolutely safe.

Jun 10, 2013
by: DC

Jordana, I hate to tell you this, but all of the information I posted and have always posted regarding Keratin treatments, is correct. I am presently and have been a Importer/Distributor of keratin treatments since 2008. I have never had to adjust my facts or my story. I have submitted several statements to this and other blogs over the years as stories constantly changed to fit whatever new spin Brazilian Blowout's Ad Agency would come up with to dilute the TRUTH. I commend the willingness to throw reason out the window and manifest whatever facts were needed to maintain your self assigned authority regarding Keratin Treatments in the industry. Unfortunately, the reality is that you are a stylist with a blog that wants so bad to believe the propaganda these companies put out. It only takes a minimal amount of effort to find the TRUTH but the TRUTH has to be something you are willing to see.

Jun 08, 2013
re: Anonymous, and DC
by: Jordana Lorraine

Thank you both for your comments, as they have reminded me of this old post and that it should be updated. My post itself contains a fair amount of incorrect information at this point, and I will be updating it when possible.

You both have some of your information wrong, but this is not an arena for an e-debate, so I will not single out each issue.

Brazilian Blowout is alive and well, and still wildly successful here in Los Angeles, CA. The service is wildly popular, and the most responsible salons and stylists have read the Material Safety Data Sheet and armed themselves with proper ventilation for use with this product and others containing methylene glycol or other formaldehyde-creating ingredients.

For more on that, please see my recent safety post at http://amominredhighheels.com/salon-staff-safe-service/

Jun 08, 2013
Interesting by Anonymous
by: DC

Very interesting point of view. Too bad all of your information about Brazilian Blowout is incorrect.

First of all, if you think the government is protecting you against dangerous products, think again. There is no government regulation here in America that either checks the label or checks the ingredients of any products aside from food and drugs. Many injuries have to take place and be filed with the courts before any government agencies take action. Many of these complaints can be found on the website ewg.org, environmental working group.org.

Secondly, it was not $600 million they paid it was a Class Action suit for $4.5 million and they were fine for Mislabeling their product Formaldehyde Free when in fact it contained 8-12%. The words 'Contains Formaldehyde' we're court mandated in their settlement. FYI: They are not allowed to sell the 'Acai Smoothing Treatment' in the State of California. Earlier in the year they had already paid out over 600,000 in fines to the State of California.

Interesting by Anonymous, whomever you are, stop embarrassing yourself. The next time you want to make a statement like you have here please, use your Google and find out the facts first. Many stylist chose to stick there heads in the sand and believe what they read and hear without any verification. A posting like yours can prove to be very dangerous. If BBO is a product you have decided to use, by all means go ahead and use it, but PLEASE STOP POST INCORRECT FACTS ABOUT A POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS PRODUCT,

Jun 07, 2013
by: Anonymous

I find it very interesting that everyone is up in arms still about Brazilian and other Keratin treatments. First, there is a risk to everything and if it was as dangerous as everyone says, clearly it would not be sold still and would not be the number one selling smoothing system.. In the world. Also, for anyone who is getting all these symptoms and reactions, go take a class. BBO got a $600 million fine for not writing on the bottle "use as directed" on the bottle. Hairdressers like to cut corners and maybe don't get trained properly on how to use these products. Get trained and don't fall into all this negativity. No matter how much anyone wants to complain about formaldehyde, know boiling broccoli, rotten bananas, new car smell, new rugs all contain more formaldehyde than BBO. And if your not doing it to your client that wants one, your prob gonna lose clients.

Jun 30, 2011
by: deb, uk

I have read literature provided on this and also the specification. they state it is absolutely formaldehyde, aldehyde free. John Frieda is endorsing this progress

Jun 12, 2011
New Keratin System
by: Jonathan

We are now using The Keraliss Technique system by Alcantara Cosmetica in our salon and we are very happy with the results. No runny eyes, no toxic fumes and best of all results results results. This system is the best I have used ever. The active ingredient is a keratin emulsified Thio base that is so gentle that we apply it golvesless and our customers are happier than ever. We have received numerous referrals from clients and our keratin business is up by 37%.

The system is unique but reminds me of the Japanese straighteners but without the heavy smell or 4-5 hours it took to do. This system is easy to use as it takes just 1.5 hours to complete from start to finish. best of all can blow it out and it needs no ironing. One of the unique an exciting processes is the use of a new innovative high tech ultrasonic infrared COLD hair treatment iron that. Thats right cold...this thing is incredible..it penetrates 20% more keratin into the hair and seals it instantly leaving it silky, shiny and healthy smooth. I will never again use anything else in my salon as long as this product is around.

Jun 12, 2011
Just curious
by: Anonymous

Are you still proclaiming to yourself and your clients that BKT treatments are formaldehyde free?

May 17, 2011
Brazilian Blowout - ANOTHER LIE
by: Anonymous

For those of you who still want to believe, wake up! Aside from lying about Formaldehyde in their professional products, they also had it in their Home Care Shampoo and Conditioner.

Don't believe it, then google it.

FDA-Petition Brazilian Blowout

May 17, 2011
Brazilian Blowout ZERO - ANOTHER LIE
by: Anonymous

Really now, do you trust these people? How many times do you have to be lied to or taken advantage of? Brazilian Blowout's new product ZERO contains SODIUM HYDROXIDE - READ THE LABEL. For those of you who don't know, SODIUM HYDROXIDE is also known as NaOH or LYE. It is found in African American Relaxers and Drain-O. Now check their MSDS sheets. Funny how a chemical that can dissolve hair didn't make this report.


May 17, 2011
Coppola Lies - Fiction vs. Facts
by: Anonymous

In a press release published on October 15, 2010, Coppola states that its formula contains
"Timonacic acid, a benign antioxidant . . . which is part of an aldehyde group that . . . acts as an organic preservative." Coppola highlights this ingredient to distinguish it from other hair-straighteners that contain "free formaldehyde."

According to Coppola, the difference between formulas containing free formaldehyde "and Keratin Complex?s bonded aldehydes is that the latter is not harmful." However, these statements are misleading because they hide the fact that a formula does not have to contain raw formaldehyde to release the gas when exposed to air and/or heat.

Fact. Health Canada found that Coppola?s Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy contained 1.8
percent formaldehyde.

Likewise, Oregon OSHA tested 3 samples of the product and found formaldehyde levels between 1.7 and 2.3 percent.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission reported finding elevated levels of formaldehyde, as well.

Lastly, the French Health Products Safety Agency recalled Coppola?s Keratin Complex products in light of their excessive formaldehyde levels.

May 16, 2011
Need education on products
by: Anonymous

Hello, please realize that global keratin does not produce a formaldehyde free formula, Brazilian blowout JUST introduced one a month ago and keratin complex the same. Up until then, you have been using formaldehyde based products regardless of what the manufacturers tell you.

May 11, 2011
How to trust these companies ever again
by: Anonymous

So how do we ever trust these companies again?
They said no formaldehyde - that was a lie.
Now they are saying zero formaldehyde but how is it straightening the hair? Keratin does not straighten he hair by itself. And why should we believe them when they lied the first time around?

My hair dresser refused to use them that is what the hair dressers have to do demand better products and the truth.

Mar 30, 2011
Not just the fumes
by: Anonymous

Anything you put on your skin or hair is getting absorbed into your body and will illicit effects. I have heard that chemicals applied to your hair are absorbed into your body and much higher amount than the skin.

What is the 411 with Cacua formula? Is that a misleading toxic product as well?

Feb 15, 2011
New European Keratin Straightener
by: Jonathan

I am a hairdresser and recently attended a workshop promoting a new formaldehyde FREE permanent and progressive Keratin Straignener from one of Europes most prestigious hair care manufacture that is scheduled to arrive in the US for distribution in March 2011.

The product worked wonderfully one the model and it can be blown-out or ironed. The finish look was beautiful and actually seemed to improve the quality of the models hair which prior to the treatment seemed very dry and damaged. The company is Alcantara Cismetica and their new treatment is called Keraliss Technique and the distributors Alcantara Cosmetics USA are based out of Miami. I already placed a pre-order for my salon as I as well as my staff and many clients complain about the formaldeyhe products or those that try to trick you into thinking they arent formaldehyde derivates like Brazilian Blowout.

Dec 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

I work for the FDA and review artificial heart valves. Glutaraldehyde is used to "fix" the pig or cow tissue that is used to make artificial heart valves. "Fixing" is like tanning leather. It is just as bad as formaldehyde. It artificially connects molecules in hair to straighten it. If you breathe it, it will do the same to your lungs.

I would avoid hair straighteners if I were you. My hairdresser's lungs got severely damaged by using the stuff.

Nov 08, 2010
Keratin Complex voluntarily removed in Australia
by: Anonymous

Concerned that you say Keratin complex has no formaldehyde it has just been voluntarily recalled in Australia and if you read the ingredients of Brazilian Blowout it does have some formaldehyde in it. They have put it in a different form which can not be detected. I have been speaking to chemists and I have just gotten off the phone from the FDA and they said there is a small percentage in it.

Oct 16, 2010
Brazilian Blowout
by: kathy

Are you kidding me. People,any company that won't disclose what the ingredients are should not be trusted. We tried this product in our salon and found that it definitely had symptoms with every application. Burning and stinging in the eyes, and a definite odor with a vapor. Please consult with Mr. Che Lee thru Health Canada. This product does contain formaldehyde!!!!!!

Oct 13, 2010
Pulled off shelves
by: Anonymous

Brazilian blowout has been pulled of the shelves in Canada for having formaldehyde in it, and not be labeled as such.

Oct 11, 2010
Article in the L.A. Times
by: Anonymous

Good article about Brazilian Blow Out in the L.A. Times

At the end of the article: "Longer-term exposure can cause reduced pulmonary function or lung damage and raises the risk of cancer.

When considering formulas to use, don't be fooled by unclear labeling. Formaldehyde is the simplest aldehyde, so look for that word on the label too, as well as glutaraldehyde.

Perhaps the safest advice: "Get reacquainted with your blow-dryer and flat-iron. Good health trumps straight hair."

Oct 10, 2010
Formaldehyde Free
by: Anonymous

There are products that give similar results without harsh chemicals. You just have to look for them. Zerran is one that works but requires more time for the application. Well worth it though in my opinion.

Oct 10, 2010
Use Common Sense
by: Old Broad

After 30+ years doing hair, I know I've been exposed to many toxic chemicals, but that is part of doing business for me. I'm aware of formaldehyde in the keratin products and wouldn't do them if it weren't for the fabulous results my clients have had. I always have good ventilation and don't work in a cookie cutter salon where all the stylists are just doing the keratin blowouts all day. Use common sense, keep yourself and clients informed.

Oct 10, 2010
How do you know?
by: Anonymous

Your assertion that the products you use are "formaldehyde free" is rather dubious, to say the least. How do you know? Have you personally paid to have these products independently tested in a lab? The fact that you make your living using products such as this makes your contention highly subjective and problematic: Your testimony is biased, as you provide a service (at great profit to yourself) using these highly contentious substances.
You have admitted that the products you use have "fumes". If these products were "natural" or "organic" there would be no fumes at all.
The truth is, you simply cannot permanently, or even semi-permanently, straighten hair without chemicals. Period. If you want straight hair without chemicals, use a blow-dryer and a flat-iron. And as soon as it rains, you're starting all over again. That is a fact, and you know it. Don't condescend to intelligent women who know better.

Oct 09, 2010
Hardly rumors Nosila
by: Anonymous

If you like the facts, all you have to do is make few search on Google for "reaction to keratin treatment" or "keratin hair treatment hair loss" or even on this blog. Read the news and reports from Irish or Canadian health authorities. You also right that there are cases of hair loss not related to Keratin treatment and some exaggerations by possible competitors but certainly not to this extend.

About the nail products - I think you confusing formalin with formaldehyde. Under different circumstances they pose different risks and you can't compare them like that.

Most nail polish and nail hardeners products use formalin. When formalin subjected to heat evaporate as formaldehyde which is dangerous. You don't subject nails coated with nail polish to 400 degree heat, but you do that with hair coated with Keratin treatment. Formaldehyde is not in liquid state at room temperature. Yes.. Formalin can also cause skin irritation and is also regulated by FDA and EU in Europe, but its used on nails and very little chance to get on skin and even if it get on skin, the skin around finger nails are very thick.

Keratin treatments used on hair can touch the scalp and the skin in that area is very thin and sensitive. There is a huge difference.

Additionally, once formalin subjected to 420 degree flat iron, it evaporate as gas and fumes inhaled by stylist and client. Formaldehyde can cause cancer and lung irritation more severe than you think.

The nail and other stories that saying we breathe formaldehyde everyday is what manufactures reps use as sales pitch to rationalize their products.

The real problem is that manufactures of keratin treatments try to hide the risks and danger of these products from stylists and stylists hide them from clients. This will prevent people to be cautious and results in disaster for everyone.

As you said I might be one of those whackos or a competitor. Please don't take my word and just research around what I wrote.

Oct 09, 2010
Get the Facts
by: Nosila

As the owner of a salon who has done the Brazilian BlowOut treatments, they are well-liked by the grateful clients who had had fuzzy hair. Sadly, if the allegations are proven true, that will be unfortunate. However, I am always suspicious of who is making these allegations. (Whackos? Competition? Fame/Fortune Seekers?) Did a doctor test you and tell you specifically that the BBO was responsible for your symptoms? I had a client getting perms or colors demand a refund only to find out she had a) been hospitalized recently; b) recently been put on meds (such as Metoprolol for Hypertension) which always causes hair loss and other changes in the body.

Sadly a few non-founded rumors go wild and ruin a product that works well for others. If you have ever had acrylic or gel nails done, you inhale far more formaldehyde and other noxious substances (Often the nail artist wears a mask, but offers you none).(I mean, are mortuary workers not exposed to formaldehyde? What do they do?)
And nail artists here are neither a designated or regulated trade nor are they made to qualify for applying chemicals to your body, the way a hair stylist is...let's get way more excited about the lawsuits directed at the ungoverned esthetics profession!

Oct 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

Check the news. Brazilian Blowout DOES contain formaldehyde. About 10% formaldehyde. Hardly sounds 'formaldehyde free'.

Oct 05, 2010
Yes, Thank You :)
by: Sara

Regardless of what anyone decides, I think it's great that you are providing information and a forum to discuss the pros and cons. Nothing is perfect, this isn't perfect. We put up with far worse when perming our hair, even coloring our hair.

Doing any treatment is a choice based on opinions. I appreciate the continued research into this and the stating of facts.

The declarations about how other people *should* live though are ridiculous. To each their own.

Oct 04, 2010
Major Hair Loss
by: Lyn in OR

I had the BBO done about three weeks ago at a very reputable salon. I have been using the BBO after care products as well. About a week after the process I began to notice my hair falling out. I thought it was just my imagination - but last week I started to save it. Yikes - if this keeps up I will be bald by Christmas! I called the BBO people and they couldn't care less - said it was my imagination - you know - the hair normally looses 100-200 strands a day yakity yak - then it was my stylist's fault, then it was they used cheap product not there BBO stuff.

Class Action anyone?

Sep 27, 2010
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thanks for all the info, I am thinking twice about if this product is worth having so many health issues!

Sep 23, 2010
Banning of straightners
by: Concerned stylist

Time to fess up by the manufactures about formaldehyde. OHSA just completed a test of Brazilian Blowout and it contains 4.85% of formaldahyde( any amount over 0.1% is considered a carcinogen and mutagen) along with ethanol and methanol. OSHA is asking why these are not on the labels, package or MSDS sheets. Very illegal in the USA.
Also special OSHA training is needed for all salons, and clients by law are to be warned about the serious side effects. Just Google CROET, Oregons consumer awareness group who has the OSHA report on Brazilian Blowout.
Also Coppola product was just tested and the European Union is moving to Ban this product. It also has formaldahyde. Ireland just had it removed from the country as of Monday 9/20/2010
Just Google Europa Consumer Affairs then type in the search engine Coppola.
Do your actual research, not just read the manufactures promo guide. Formaldahyde is very very dangerous when heated above 374 degrees. The gas vapors can cause serious illness, bleeding, asthma, rash and other side effects after just one use.
Be aware, Several South American countries are looking to join Ireland, and the European Union in the ban, and OSHA is just now this week gotten involved.
Watch TV, look for the commercials asking for you to join the class action lawsuits.

Sep 22, 2010
New OSHAS health alert - Brazillian Blowout
by: Anonymous

OSHA in Oregon just tested the Brazillian Blowout and found it did contain almost 5% formaldehyde, even though it is not labeled to contain any. They have issued a health alert on 9/16. Any of the "hyde" checmicals are dangerous to be breathing, (CARCINOGENIC), including glutaraldehyde which is in the Global Keratin product. I felt it in my lungs, throat and eyes getting that treatment. Now that I know the truth, I will no longer expose myself to the unnecessary health risk.

Check this link out: (Oregon Health & Science University )


Sep 09, 2010
Respiratory problems after using product
by: Anonymous

if you are using this product be careful as hairdressers our respiratory functions are already compromised,after every use of this supposedly formaldehyde free hair product. I had severe breathing issues, and eventually ended up in the hospital and now have to see a pulmonary specialist. I have called the 1 800 number and questioned them about there ingredients, they cannot disclose the ingredients, they say check the MSDS. I did, it tells you nothing about the ingredients. That scares me!! If products have nothing to hide, list the ingredients.

Hairdressers be aware! and make sure your client doesn't have any respiratory issues such as asthma or bronchitis, I dont want to hurt anyone, and I dont want to see other stylist sick. any form of aldehyde is dangerous. And keratin can release toxic properties when heated such as sulfur. Please be careful.

Sep 03, 2010
New Product Coming Soon
by: Hector

Hi I am a hair care manufacturer from Europe that will be unveiling in 2011 a formaldehyde-free alternative to the currently known products. Our chemists have been testing our new product for two years+ with great success.
We expect to have the line available in the US shortly after our release.

Aug 04, 2010
Form Free Keratin
by: Anonymous

You are all kidding yourselves if you think Brazilian Blowout or any others BKT's are formaldehyde free. They all have 2-10% formaldehyde or aldehyde. Research it yourself.

Jul 29, 2010
interested in product
by: vanessa

Im interested in the Brazilian blow out and global which do you think are better and i would like to see both the labels of ingredients. Is there any order in the air do you have to wear a mask for any of them

Jul 26, 2010
by: john

have your formula tested by Columbia analytical services in Rochester New York. Then you will find that there is no formula on the market yet that is formaldehyde free.

The range is from 1.6% to over 12% depending on which formula is being tested. For $95.00 you can have a formula tested and find out the truth.

Safety data sheets do not have to disclose formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is not regulated in the beauty industry. Formaldehyde is toxic and causes cancer. No one cares about you like you. Be informed.

Jul 07, 2010

I am a chemist and i have worked with formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, formaldehyde donors,bkt, etc.
The truth is that Glutaraldehyde is as bad as Formaldehyde, however, what is important is the amount it goes into the air (breathing it in is what is bad for you) which depends in the concentration they use in the formula,therefore it's important to have a good ventilation as well as using a mask when concentrations in the final product are above 1 % of these chemicals.

The maximum level allowed by FDA in topical applied products is 0.20 % this will release 0.5 ppm on the air(which is also the limit established by OSHA on work places). When you use more than this and use an adequate ventilation, you will reduce the concentration in the air to a safe amount.

Other formaldehyde releasers like Diazolidinyl urea, DMDM Hydantoin are safe because they only release a small amount of formaldehyde in the air (almost nothing), however, you won't get the straightening results as the ones that have more than 1.5% formaldehyde or more, but the frizz will be reduced. The key is, if is irritating it's because contains high amounts of formaldehyde so protect yourself, always ask for an ingredients list, if they don't provide it on the bottles is because they are hiding something, in the USA it's not require to list the ingredients for professional use products, but that doesn't mean you don't have the right to ask.

And for the hairdressers, do not believe what the sales person tells you 100 % and do not believe what another haidresser tells you 100%.

Jul 07, 2010
Formaldehyde Free
by: Anonymous

Brazilian Blowout claim contains not formaldehyde but actually is the worst of all treatments, the nose and throat irritation it's horrible, Glutaraldehyde is the same or worst than formaldehyde so there's no reason to believe it is safe.

Jun 13, 2010
by: Tammy

I am currently using the keratin complex but I get quite a few calls on wanting the Brazilian blowout. my understanding is the reason they are wanting the Brazilian is due to the washing of the hair immediately..confused isn't it true that the sooner you wash hair the sooner the product will wash out?

May 09, 2010
by: Annie

"formaldehyde-free" is a marketing ploy. Literally all of the keratin straighteners contain some kind of aldehyde, typically, it is "formulin" which is merely the name of formaldehye that is used in cosmetic products (it's often used in makeup, for example). *IF* the company will provide ingredient lists, and they often will not claiming that they are proprietary, then the reader will read "formulin" or the name of another aldehyde, and will assume that the claim of "formaldehyde free" is reasonable.

Studies have shown that it's actually the heated aldehyde that straightens the hair, not the keratin at all!

I don't think that treatment with formaldehyde is necessarily harmful to health. I do think that any salon offering any of these treatments should do so with proper ventilation and protection for both the client and the stylist.

May 05, 2010
Just a fad that coats the hair
by: Anonymous

I don't believe the Brazilan Blow Outs are doing anything but coating the hair that's why they have to be repeated.
The hair looks good because its being coated. It's temporary and the hair will probably get more damaged each time you coat it, not to mention the accumulative affects of the gases you are subjecting yourself and your immune system to.

With texture being brought back into the spot light, get a good boar bristle brush, a good deep conditioner and learn to blow your hair out.

Save the money help the environment and flat iron once in awhile if you want that straight straight look.

Apr 12, 2010
Comment from EHS person
by: Anonymous

I had it done. I won't do it anymore. Hair looks good (they used Global product with formaldehyde in it).

1. As a professional, I look at formaldehyde content at ppm level in consumer products. It is carcinogenic and is heavily regulated in the indoor environments. 2% is a required to be listed in MSDS, no doubt about it. If it is not, you can sue the company that doesn't. It is an outrageous amount.
The young girl who did my hair wore a non-woven fused fiber face mask. I told her that she could at least save herself from discomfort because this is a PARTICULATE matter mask and won't protect from gases and odors. If you have to use it, set a strong vertical draft vent directly above the client's chair. Also, have gentle fan blowing the fumes away from you and the client, at approximately 45 degrees against the face. Have windows and doors opened. It is very-very important to have adequate ventilation.
Gas mask is the best for you to wear but it has to be the one with replaceable organic-absorbent cartridges. It will look way too funny to wear it in a styling salon. In industrial it would be an imperative; I would never allow a worker exposed to such fumes to work without a mask.

2. Spoken by chemist. Keratin is a building block of hair molecule. Makes hair healthy and shiny. Too bad you can't just rinse it on. To make keratin stay, it's molecules are incorporated into a laquer system. Formaldehyde is a typical curing agent in many resin systems, and so it is in the brazilian system. Obviously, the system is thermo-set, i.e. it means that you have to apply heat for the laquer to cure. As you do that, formaldehyde partly evaporates and so do byproducts of the curing reacton.
Curing time varies from resin to resin. Some will cure immediately, some will take time (72 hrs). At the end each hair is covered by a hard cured coat. How well the coat stick to the hair and how flexible it is depends on how well the laquer is formulated. Typically, those with long curing time are the most elastic, won't fracture (on microscopic scale)...hence will last longer.

Mar 23, 2010
Brazilian blow out information
by: Vanity box salon

If the Brazilian blow out is safe to use then why do you have a special room you do the process in?

FDA does not regulate how much of an ingred (safe or not) can be put into a product. They just state what amount is safe!

Also any type of "Hyde" ingred is unsafe in the future or long use of it! It is only in stable condition to a certain temp. Once it is heated up to 450 deg it becomes unstable, which is done in the Brazilian blow out process.

Call the Brazilian blow out company and ask them for the list of ingred in the solution! I did and they could not tell me specific names because it is patent pending! They could not tell me the chemical break down of what this product is doing to the hair! If you ask any hairdresser how a perm or chem straighteners work they can tell you what solution is doing to the hair!
I use CDR which is great ! All ingred I have checked out and are safe! Do your REASEARCH!

Mar 09, 2010
NIOSH's take on Glutaraldehyde
by: Anonymous

National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety says...

Glutaraldehyde is used for a number of applications...Including as preservative in cosmetics.

Workers can be exposed to glutaraldehyde through inhalation or skin contact. Health effects that may occur as a result of exposure to glutaraldehyde include but are not limited to the following:

Throat and lung irritation, Asthma and difficulty breathing, Contact and/or allergic dermatitis, Nasal irritation, Sneezing, Wheezing, Burning eyes and conjunctivitis.

Reference: www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/glutaraldehyde/

Mar 09, 2010
Brazilian Blowout, etc.
by: Susana Hill

Currently, cosmetics manufacturers are not required to disclose the exact ingredients in their products. When it comes to beauty products of any type, we owe it to ourselves to carefully examine ingredients and request real answers. Get the actual chemical name. How difficult is it to look it up on wiki? No excuse not to. If the ingredients are not carcinogenic, the manufacturer would willingly tell us exactly what they are with NO VAGUE ANSWERS.

Keep in mind that chemicals react when they are combined, exposed to air, and water... explanations you read about on a resource site may mention these considerations. Chemicals effect people uniquely, depending on heredity, prescription drug use, or even previous exposures to chemicals. Even doing our best with mother nature does not provide guarantees ... If we choose chemical assistance, it pays to know the risks. And ladies... please don't ask the manufacturer of the product for reassurance... find an objective source for information who has nothing to gain by winning our confidence. There are thousands of new chemicals introduced into our lives that have not received FDA approvals, on a regular basis. Research research research. The results of the Brazilian are beautiful... but I want to know the exact ingredients. Thanks!

Mar 05, 2010
25 years salon experience
by: Enrique

Keratin does not straighten hair . The keratin treatments make the hair easy to deal with, however, They Have Formaldehyde usually now under a different ingredient name. It is about the most toxic thing you can inhale. Your local state agencies require a Double Filter Gas Mask if you are handling it. Those goggles and cloth masks worn in salons will not protect you.

Sorry, its terrible for you, I know it works to change hair. The FIMA workers in Louisiana aren't allowed in the temporary housing they issued because the wood used contains formaldehyde. Its a killer! Stylist, please don't be so ignorant.

Feb 22, 2010
by: Ron P Express Color

I am amazed how educated people are about this treatment. I sell rejuvenol brazilian keratin treatment to salons in dallas. Rejuvenol brand is the only brand i know that carries a zero % form,a 1.8%, a 4%, a 1 hour, a 24 hour as well. keratin relaxes curl and the formaldehyde preserves it. zero % bout 2 months 4% bout 4-5

Feb 22, 2010
What Price Straight Hair?
by: Liz

I had my first Global BKT done about 18 months ago. For the first time, my hair had movement instead of being crimped and clinging to my head. However, the sting of the product, having a fan on me to direct fumes away, wearing a moist cloth over my nose to keep from breathing in the sharp fumes, my hairdresser crying -not tears of joy- was just not right.

I noticed that by the 4th time, the BKT's effects were definitely diminishing. My wave and curl were more apparent, no more swinging, shiny hair. I was following the same rules (no shampoo, no moisture, etc.), but the BKT was just not what it had been when I first had it.

I sometimes wonder if the treatment was "watered down" to stretch the product. It does seem strange that the Global BKT noticeably diminished by the 4th time it was applied. I blamed the hot, humid weather. ???

Feb 04, 2010
Formaladyde free but may contain ether
by: Anonymous

This whole Brazilian thing sounds toxic and probably will have cumulative effects on hairstylist and clients in the long run.

I was told by a rep. that if it contains less then 2 % formaldehyde it doesn't have to be listed. Why are alot of these companies claiming that they can't show the msd data because it's patent pending?
The consumers and the stylist deserve to know the truth. Soemone is making big bucks at the risk of someone else's health possibly. We should know what we are dealing with and then decide if we still want it done. Toxic gas that you are breathing in doesn't sound good at any price

Dec 09, 2009
RE Allergic Reaction To Global Keratin
by: S Leigh

I had the Global Keratin treatment done about two months ago. I did not feel well within a few hours after. I had a terrible neck and sore throat, along with head pains. My back was killing and I just put it down to flu.

Because the treatment did not work that well, I went back to the salon a few weeks later, and they said they would re-do it for free. Again I had the same symptoms as the first time. My throat was in agony and I could not move with aches and pains. In the evening of the following day I nearly passed out.

Although the treatment did work really well the second time, and my hair looked amazing, I would never have this treatment again. This is supposed to be formaldehyde free, but it must have had something in it to make me react so bad. Just to add I have never been allergic to anything in my life, so I can't imagine what was in this treatment.

Nov 12, 2009
Formaldehyde vs Glutaraldehyde
by: Anonymous

Escova Progressiva, Brazilian Blow-out or Brazilian Keratin Treatment are all the same. ALL of them use one of those products as hair straightening.

Keratin does not make your hair straight. it is wildly used in Brazil to treat hair that has undergone chemical procedures with Thioglycolic acid, hydroxide (such as Guanidine, lithium, sodium), hair dying.

In Brazil, Formaldehyde and Glutaraldehyde are allowed to be used as preservatives, NOT AS HAIR STRAIGHTENING. The Brazilian Governmental branch that is responsible... Read more

Nov 01, 2009
Brazilian Blowout
by: Anonymous

Is everyone aware that the company that owns Brazilian Blowout also owns the Argyle Salon in West Hollywood, CA. The original name of the product was "Mauricio Rubeiro's Brazilian Blowout". Mauricio partnered the these people only later to be fired and his product stolen by them. This company also published FAKE MSDS Sheets stating their product was totally safe to use but in fact contained Formaldehyde over 2,000 times what OSHA and the FDA said was safe to use. They now issue bottles that are unsealed with no ingredients listed at all. WOW! On top of that, they actually charge you a fee to learn how to sell their product.

It makes me wonder why anyone would want to do business with these people.

Before you use any product, do a little research. Protect yourself and protect your clients.

Oct 30, 2009
Its not formaldehyde-free!
by: Max

Brazilian Blow-out is not Formaldehyde free. It contains Glutaraldehyde (check it out on wiki) just another type of aldehyde! Don't take my word and ask your salon for ingredient list.

Oct 25, 2009
What is the bonding agent then?
by: Anonymous

I have heard that this is a marketing strategy by the same company to put a new spin on the same product. Why does it say on there pdf page that they recommend the operators to wear gloves,mask and eye goggles? Why do the sell masks with there kits? They say formaldehyde free but i have been told that if a product contains less then 2% formaldehyde it doesn't have to be on the ingredients. What is the agent that bonds the keratin? Some people have still reported burning scalp, eyes sore throat from this supposedly chemical free version. There are numerous reports out there.

Oct 23, 2009
Not Formaldehyde Free
by: Anonymous

I have heard that all the Brazillian tretament have some sort of aldehyde or ether. Companies do not have to list anything 2% or less. I believe there will be a cumulative effect for hairdressers and clients somewhere down the road?

These chemical even if organic turn dangerous at 450 degrees. Bioionic uses henna keratin and perm solution and the hair is shampoo'd twice before any blow dry or flat ironing is done. The results are a more relaxed curl and or a shiny easier to blow your hair straight. Check Bio Ionic Kera smooth for salons in your area.

Jul 29, 2009
Something in the formula is questionable
by: Marion

I just tried the Brazilian Blowout after having tried the Coppola Keratin Treatment.

I don't know which bonding agent the Brazilian Blowout uses, but my eyes and those of the stylist were burning and watering. After a while, especially when the lotion was applied close to my face and scalp, the irritation to my eyes got worse and grew to include uncomfortable burning in my nose and throat. A few nearby clients complained as well, but not with the same intensity.

I have no allergies and have never been sensitive to any product which others are. I think my body was telling me something, and I will not do the treatment again.

Jul 22, 2009
re: Anonymous
by: JordanaLorraine

All three formulas that I use are formaldehyde-free. Still, all have some fumes/steam to deal with as you are blow-drying a cream into the hair. The main differences between Coppola and Brazilian Blowout are: the 3 day waiting period (Coppola), and that Brazilian Blowout goes back to the natural curl much more nicely if the client wants to go back. The Coppola lingers in a state where it is not straight, but not back to its natural curl yet...this state can last a month or two. So if someone is rehabbing from a Japanese treatment, for example, that one might be best for them since their ends would be stick-straight. But if someone is just trying it out, or might want to get smooth, go back to curly, maybe do it again in a different season, etc., the Brazilian Blowout would be better for them.

It is true that the products with formaldehyde last longer. But at what cost? I choose not to take the risk, especially as I am he one breathing it in 10+ hours a week.

Jul 10, 2009
Faves vs Global or Coppola
by: Anonymous

Hi- I hear that the Blowout/Form-free does not keep as long. Since you still use the Coppola and Global, would you say that those are still basically the same but insist on an uncomfortable wait as well as possibly fumy process?

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