Blonde to Brunette - I'm scared HELP please!!

by Erica

So my hair is a "sun-in" blonde, so very brassy, and with lots of random highlights (which i love!). I like it, but i want to try a light golden brown, or some medium brown. I have green/hazel eyes with a lot of yellow, and my skin is fair and kinda pinkish. My natural hair is a very mousy, ash brown. What should i do? will brown look good? If not, what do you think will?? I feel kinda washed out looking. also, if i go brown and hate it, how can i go back?

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by: Erica

Thanks for the advice!! :)

Blonde to burnette
by: Carol

Try on a wig in the color you are interested in. Go somewhere they sell wigs and try one on.Of course you don't have to tell them you're not really interested in buying a wig, but you'd get to see how the color looks on you. You have such pretty eyes! :)

Blond to brunette

You will look good with natural light brown, light brown tinted with warm red and light to medium golden brown.Don't go too dark and Don't try to do it yourself or at-least read these posts so you know what you getting into:

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