Bored with mid-length naturally wavy hair

Ok heres my problem, i have light blonde mid-length hair that is naturally wavy, ive just got it to a reasonable condition after frying it with daily use of my GHD'S and hairdryer.

I have regular once a month visits to my salon for my root touch ups and my hair stylist always straightens my hair, it does look lovely but as ive found out i cant do this on a daily basis with out severely damaging it.

Id love to be able to blow dry my hair straight and get a salon result but when ever i try it just doesn't happen.

I use good hair products and look after my hair as best i can but i just feel stuck between a rock and a hard place because naturally it's neither straight nor curly but somewhere unruly in between.

Id love to achieve a polished sleek look without having to fry my hair with heat styling.
Any tips, suggestions welcome. xx

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maybe it's your flat iron
by: Anonymous

I had a very similar problem to this for many years. The only way I could straiten my hair was by frying it. I eventually at the advice of a friend invested in a "Chi" brand flat iron. They are pricy I think i got mine for $80. However the result is worth it. It doesn't fry my hair, and flat iron's it about twice as fast. My hair can be healthy and straight now.

On fixing wavy hair
by: Anonymous

This sounds so old school but it works, at least for me--I use the largest velcro rollers I can find. Huge ones for the sides, medium huge for the back. I get a sleek, full look that holds all day, without damaging my hair. I do this when my hair is dry, giving it an hour to set before I have to leave. Works like a charm!!

by: Anonymous

I would just make an attempt to finger comb your hair after rinsing it and conditioning it. Then when your blowdrying your hair, make an attempt to kinda blow out the back side a little more ( or underside, that is where my hair gets matted and unruly, it is also quite a bit darker ) Dont dry it all the way, when its still damp, run moose or styling lotion thru it and scrunch the top layers and let it air dry.

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