Brazilian Silk - Keratin Treatment

by Derek Collins
(Beverly Hills, CA)

Is anyone telling the truth about Keratin Treatments or is it all about the bottom line? Are stylists being told they are all safe when in fact they are not? The answers to these questions are what motivated Celebrity Stylist Derek Collins to work with a Brazilian manufacturer and a Houston, TX toxicologist to bring an "aldehyde free" keratin treatment to the US that wouldn’t harm him or his colleagues; hence, the creation of BRAZILIAN SILK™.

Collins explains, "I was one of those naive stylists that believed what I was told despite the burning eyes, the respiratory issues and the sick feeling that has recently been coined, The Keratin Flu".

In June of 2008, Co-Owners Derek Collins and Greg Cummins created DĀR-X (pronounced Derek’s) Company, LLC with the mission of bringing a keratin treatment to the US that didn’t contain harmful chemicals. The company’s basic philosophy is to be honest and to maintain a high level of integrity by providing a product that protects the stylists as well as the clients.

More than a year went into the research and development of their product in order to fully understand what they were bringing to the American Market. With the help of their toxicologist, everything is reevaluated, translated, deciphered and broken down into layman terms enabling them to fully understand and explain their product.

Fortified with the Açaí berry, BRAZILIAN SILK™ is 100%-ALDEHYDE FREE! BRAZILIAN SILK™ actually contains acetic acid, the main ingredient in vinegar. When applied, the acetic acid works as a chelator (pronounced key-lay-tor and means: attractor) of minerals and sebum, removing them from the hair shaft and lowering the pH level.

Proteins, which rely on their shape for their function, attribute much of their shape to the positive and negative charges of the amino acids that are found in the Neutralizing Mask along with anti-oxidants. As the pH levels change, the charges of the proteins also change affecting the integrity of the proteins in question. The pH level at which each protein is optimal is called the isoelectric point (for Keratin it is around 4.5). Moving the pH by adding an organic acid (acetic acid) allows for the manipulation of the protein shape and function.

This lower pH level allows conditioners found in the Neutralizing Mask to seal the scales of the hair shaft flat and tighten the disulfide bonds in the Keratin thus strengthening the shaft while allowing less places for breakage to occur. Since the majority of the Neutralizing Mask is composed of stabilizers, emulsifiers, anti-static and moisture capturing ingredients, the optimal pH level of the protein (Keratin) is maintained and your client is left with silky, shiny, manageable hair. Best of all, clients don’t have to wait 3-4 days to wash or style their hair, no down time at all, just Beautiful Hair.

If you would like more information, please contact Derek Collins or Greg Cummins at 317-602-5335 or email

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Nov 11, 2013
Love it
by: Micki

Im moving to Hollywood Florida in Dec and need to know a Salon that uses this. I love my hair when I use this!!!

May 23, 2012
by: Aqua Salon/ Carmel, Indiana

We love this treatment. Our clients love it too. Thank you Derek for coming to my salon last December and introducing your wonderful treatment.

Jun 04, 2011
This treatment is awesome!
by: Belinda

Just had the Brazilian Silk treatment done in Crawfordsville, IN. by Nick Miller. He took his time and turned my impossibly frizzy hair into shiny, smooth, manageable hair! I think the product is wonderful and it most definitely helps to have a great stylist that understands hair and this treatment like Nick Miller.

Nov 21, 2010
Brazilian silk - Keratin treatment
by: Wanda

I recently had the Brazilian silk treatment. It was half the price I previously paid for the Coppola Keratin treatment. The Brazilian treatment has been great. I think my hair looks better than it did when I had the Coppola treatment. My only complaint was the Brazilian treatment smells a little. Ask your stylist for a towel if the odor is too strong. The odor only lasts a short time. You will love your hair.

Oct 08, 2010
Split Endz
by: Lisa Rooks

I am the owner of Split Endz in Citrus County, Fl and we have fallen in love with your product and so do our customers we are looking forward to seeing what your company will create in the future, way to go Brazilian Silk is the bomb!!!!!

Mar 04, 2010
You should try it.
by: Rena

I tried it and love it. Doesn't smell and no chemicals at all. I think one of the best products for frizzy curly hair.

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