CF Kids Salon Bellevue Washington

(Bellevue, Wa USA)

Taking off at CF Kids Salon Bellevue

Children's Hair Salon at the CF Kids Toy and Clothing Boutique in Crossroads Shopping Center (Bellevue). They make getting a Kid's hair styled into an entertaining, fun and memorable experience.

They also include a free photo keepsake for the precious "first haircut." The kids get to play with toys, watch movies, play electronic games, or just have friendly conversation with the stylists while sitting in their choice of fun chairs.

For older kids, they have traditional stylist chairs, but the little ones generally perfer the fun chairs made from nostalgic metal pedal toys (a pink car, a plane, a fire truck, etc.) The stylists are friendly with significant experience specializing in styling children's hair - they are also very patient and especially friendly for kids with special needs.

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A Special Thanks
by: Anonymous

Jenna, The gift cards arrived. A special thanks for your help!!

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