Straight Curly Hair in Gentler Way

It has happened to thousands of men and women. Even Oprah Winfrey has experienced it. "It" is damaged, falling out hair and burned scalp that can result from using harsh chemical hair straighteners.

Mishaps involving hair straighteners occur far more often than most of us realize. For example, this web forum entry tells of one hair-raising experience:

"I relaxed my hair with (brand name) No Lye hair relaxer. A week or 2 after that my hair started to thin DRASTICALLY, and it has been falling out ever since. I can completely see my scalp, and its terrifying me."

kids with kinky afro hair style
Hair By Franco Magnotta; Makeup By Cintia Da Silva

The Food and Drug Administration says hair relaxers are among the products that generate the most consumer complaints. The FDA's Office of Cosmetics and Colors has received reports detailing hair damage and discoloration, scalp irritation, and serious burns that needed emergency medical treatment.

Some victims have, as a result, sworn off using relaxers, opting to accept their curls and wear them "au natural". Others are sticking to their ceramic flat irons for daily styling. But most women (and many men) would still prefer a permanent or semi-permanent solution that gives them the smooth, healthy hair of their dreams.

The Word is "Gentle Retexturizer"

People wanting to tame or straighten their curly, frizzy or kinky hair have other alternatives - one that offers a kinder, gentler solution to re-shape their hair in desired hair pattern.

straight afro hair in short hair style

There are gentle retexturizing systems that works without the harsh chemical ingredients found in other products such as ammonium thioglycolate (thio), sodium hydroxide (lye) and guanidine hydroxide (no lye).

You can look for Cysteamine Hydrochloride based hair straightening solutions that uses lanolin protein, a natural wool wax that also used in lip balm products that leaves hair shiny and soft after treatment. This formula can also be used for "Afro-Texture" and makes it an ideal relaxer for black afro American or Caribbean hair type.

Fllowing photos illustrate a real transformation of hard to manage long curly hair to silky and shinny straight hair using a product brand called CDR from

Long curly hair front view Long curly hair side view Long curly hair back view
Long straight hair front view Long straight hair side view Long straight hair back view
Style by Jesse Briggs, co founder of CDR Smoothie ®

What You Need To Know

long blonde hair chemically straightened with CDR short black hair style straight short blonde straight hair styled in bob
Photos: Jesse Briggs

If you're thinking about trying such Relaxer, here are the basics you need to know:

(be sure to choose an experienced, professional and certified stylist at a reputable salon because even the gentlest process can damage hair and scalp if it isn't done correctly.)

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Short Afro American  straight hair style
Photo: Caribbean Dream Relaxer Inc; Hair Model: Desmonica

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