Chemically Damaged Hair - Repair Suggestions?

by Terri A.

I had my hair chemically straightened 3 days ago. It had been home coloured 2 days previous to that. I am naturally ash blond, which is greying, the colour was as close to my natural colour as I can buy.

The hairdresser who straightened my hair questioned her boss as to whether the relaxing treatment should be done given my hair type and the fact that it had been recently been coloured, but she said that it should be ok given that my hair was in great condition.

It now has the appearance of having been burnt, it is extremely dry and brittle. They cut nearly 2 inches off it, which I didn't want!! Any suggestions as to how to repair this damage?

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Jul 17, 2010
by: Danielle (:

Mine is the exact same way! except i straighten mine almost everyday, and have to constantly keep dying it blonde because i get this dark route, and its embarrassing! My hair is broken and brittle and dried? I've researched how to fix it and all the sites say the same thing "deep conditioning" "see your hair stylist for special formulas" "stop all chemicals on your hair" not much help for me, but maybe it help for you! Best of luck!

May 06, 2010
Damaged hair suggestions??
by: felicia

I would not recolor it by any mean any time you get hair permed or straightened, it gets extremely damaging even more than coloring.

You will need a very deep conditioning treatment for dry damaged/brittle hair. Look on neutrogenas web site. They used to make a very good one. There are plenty out there look for one with no alcohol.

Also go to a different salon see if you can find a product called Climatress. I do not think I spelled it right, but it is as it sounds. I used this years ago to heal a badly done salon perm. Also neutrogena. These really healed my hair back to health.
Good luck

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