Coppola Keratin Complex - Toxicity and Original Formulas


I am a stylist in Miami who has used numerous different brands/formulas of the "Brazilian " Keratin Treatment. To tell you the truth, I (and my co-workers) have concluded that there is no perfect Keratin Treatment.

The original formaldehyde formulas were by far the best as far as straightening/de-frizzing. Period. The lower formaldehyde formulas were not as straight & didn't last as long. The Coppola Complex & other formaldehyde-free products that our salon tried were the least straight and didn't last very long. I question the person who commented claiming it lasted 8 months. Our clients were very unhappy with CKC.

The problem is toxicity. The original formulas were highly toxic (didn't take a scientist to tell us that the fumes were not healthy to breathe) and removing the formaldehyde clearly changes the results. We also did our homework & most form-free products, including the Coppola have other ingredients with are similar and are also toxic. Coppola uses Aldehyde and another product uses Ether (Global Keratin). Both ingredients are carcinogens when heat is added.

The results from these treatments appear to make the hair healthier. but in all honesty, as a stylist performing these treatments I have not seen hair become healthier after multiple treatments. I have been performing these on clients for over 2 years & I have not seen any major difference in my clients hair, it just appears healthier because it is coated with this product. If anything I think it possibly becomes dependent on having the treatment to look healthy.

My advice: get good styling products & a quality brush/ dryer/ iron.

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Nov 04, 2020
coppolla replacement
by: Anonymous

I don't think the old formula is up to today's standard. Even if any left, the shelf time is probably expired by now.

Oct 14, 2020
coppolla replacement
by: I Am Sheila

I was using the Keratin Complex from Coppolla and just bought it again online. The bottle is different and the formula doesn't work nearly as well. Is there any way to get the old forumal?

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