Coppola Keratin Didn't Work For My Curly Hair

I was very disappointed that the keratin treatment didn't work for me. I have curly hair, somewhat dry. Before the treatment, I could get my hair to straighten beautifully with no frizz with my CHI. If the weather was humid, yes, the frizz would return.

Now, there is a coating on my hair and not only do the ends look terrible, my flat iron cannot get it frizz free. Could my stylist have done something wrong? It seems to work on other ladies' hair, but not mine.

The ends of my hair looked fried! I actually had to cut a lot of my hair off. I did call her and she said maybe it didn't "seal" correctly. Just be careful, as this is a lot of money to spend.

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Jun 18, 2012
Worked 1st time, not 2nd
by: Frizzies

My first treatment was amazing to say the very least, the second (by another salon) did nothing at all. I don't believe she clarified my hair first-or if she did (as she said) she didn't use a good brand of shampoo for clarification. She was sloppy and quick with the keratin... I have NO DOUBT it's the hairdresser, what a waste of money but totally worth trying again with my first hairdresser.

Apr 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

My hair isn't fried, but it surely isn't straight or even less curly. I paid $610 for this treatment. Within ten days it was back to curly with some straight sections. It does feel softer but it was a huge waste of money. My stylist said "this is like crack for the hair! You're gonna love it!" When it didn't work, they said I was the "only one who has complained." Well, maybe I should show them this page! Twenty years of going to the same stylist and never again will I go there. I am so upset I threw all the $$$$$ in the garbage. Next week I am supposed to get Lasio done somewhere else. (I only got the Copolla done four weeks ago!). Just as someone else mentioned here, the Lasio comes in different strengths. I'm getting the strongest one!

Nov 17, 2011
Liqwd Keratin straightening
by: Anonymous

I also went to Aurora Hair in Wollongong and they also did not wish to discuss why the product didn't work on some section of my hair. they said that some parts are just drier and are less porous and i would need to blow dry it out or use a straightener which completely defeat the purpose of getting it straightening in the first place.
Very disappointed. Have had thermal reconditioning twice before which has worked better but wanted to try a keratin based product that would still give me some volume in my hair.
November 18, 2011

Oct 14, 2011
Liqwd keratin did not work for me
by: Anonymous

I had the Liqwd professional $450 and I have very curly hair I thought it would help to soften the curl. After 4 days I washed my hair and it was no different. Now 4 weeks later my hair is drier and more frizzy than before - it feels like horse hair. The only think I can do is put lots of jojoba oil on it to tame the frizz. Perhaps I had too much keratin to begin with??? any ideas?? I am currently negotiating getting my money back. I live in Australia

Oct 05, 2011
Same for me - Hair Fried, didn't work
by: Anonymous

Hi, although I'm extremely disappointed, I feel comforted that others experienced the same thing as me. Would never use Aurora Hair in Wollongong again as they do not wish to discuss the fact that the Liqwd Keratin straightening treatment has not worked. Hair ends are wild and breaking off. Hair is just as fuzzy as before, but perhaps slightly less curly.
Not Happy!

Sep 29, 2011
About keratin treatment
by: nofrizzinway

Hi! I feel bad that so many curly girls are getting duped at salons and thought I'd provide a little info. about keratin treatments. I had mine done in a salon that specializes in keratin and Japanese relaxing treatment.
Girls, we really need to be prepared for the options available to us before getting this type of treatment.
Just as there are different types of curls and frizz levels, so are there different formulations of keratin treatment.
The salon explained that there are three categories of keratin treatments labeled A, B, and C. A is the mildest, B is the middle and C is the strongest.
Under each of the A, B, or C labels, there are three categories, 1, 2, and 3. 1 is the mildest, 2 is the middle and 3 is the strongest.
You need to discuss this with your hair specialist to determine what's right for you.
Hope this is helpful and good luck!

Sep 08, 2011
I had the same problem
by: Ann-onymous

I had the same experience as others did. 1. After the first two weeks, there didn't seem to be any significant difference between my curl and frizz before I spent $420 (including tip) and after. 2. My highlights got particularly dry and fried looking. I'm sad and more than a little frustrated.

May 16, 2011
Not a mircale product
by: Anonymous

I've had the treatment done three times, each time more hopeful that the reason it didn't work at first was due to operator error. So, I tried a different hair stylist, a different salon, etc. Three strikes and Keratin is out, unfortunately (at least for me).

The first few washes did deliver nice hair; smooth,soft, easy to style. One week later -- I'll admit it is easier to style than before the keratin -- but not the miracle product I was promised.

I was told this would cut my style time in half, remove frizz/bulk, and hold strong even in the most humid weather. It's not quite as dependable as this and as soon as humidity hits the air, that same old frizzy, kinky hair of mine is back.

I would say the keratin treatment is much like a Vo5-hot oil treatment. Leaves hair a little softer, a little nicer... but that's pretty much it.

$360 later... not worth the cost. And that is just for this latest treatment. In total, I have spent about $750 including gratuity over the last year on this product. Quite frankly, I feel a bit taken advantage of.

If you want beautifully soft and healthy hair, try to accept your natural locks for what they are. Lay off the processing, use good shampoos and keep up with trims at a reliable salon.

My heart goes out to the women whose hair was fried beyond repair. What a nightmare, I am so sorry!

To those lucky women, for whom this product worked (and I have talked to many that it has actually worked well for) let me just say -- I'm jealous! ;)

Thanks for reading and best of luck...

Oct 16, 2010
Sorta worked
by: Anonymous

I decided to do this myself, so I bought authentic QOD max from a trusted seller and I followed the instructions perfectly and afterwards my hair was stick straight and humidity proof, but after the 3 days wait, when I washed it the curls came back and I was sooo disappointed. I didn't use conditioner or any products in my hair and when it dried my curls were much looser and my hair felt so soft and looked shiny.

So now I'm actually happy with the results even though it didn't deliver straight hair. It takes 20 minutes to flatiron if I want instead of an hour (I have long long hair)and best of all HUMIDITY PROOF.

It's by far the best thing I've ever done for my hair.

Aug 17, 2010
Not worth the money!
by: Anonymous

I had the Keratin Straightening treatment done, I was not happy w/ the results, my hair felt like there was a coating on it, it felt like the texture of horse hair! Also, the ends looked damaged so I had my hair cut shorter. If I let my hair air dry it stuck out in weird waves, if I blew dry it straight it looked ok but I had a bunch of fly away little pieces that I had to try to keep down w/ hair products. I spent a bunch of money on hair products trying to find one that worked to minimize the flyways. I did use the Coppola shampoo and conditioner and Infusion treatment. I had the treatment done in May, now its August and I am able to wear my hair wavy again. I am working w/ the natural wave and curl that has magically come back. I would much rather just work w/ my own natural texture. Its easier, less expensive and more flattering to my face. Try to work with what nature gave you. I also have a color gloss put on after my regular color. That helps make my hair shinier and healthy looking.

Jun 08, 2010
Horrible keratin treatment
by: Anonymous

My long hair is fried beyond repair.I got the keratin complex by Coppola. I get it highlighted on top, underneath is natural, that part did not fry. The hairs twisted and curled up into this brillo looking shape, the condition is so fried looking I'm beyond shocked! each time I wash it it gets worse. I use the keratin complex shampoo, I condition, I use a leave in and I don't use hot irons. Let me tell you this is my worst nightmare. The company told me to cut my hair. That explains the F rating they got...

Jun 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

Yes this is your stylist fault, she used to much product. If you do not have fantastic results it is because your stylist was inexperienced and that is it.

Jun 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

Is it true? I was told that too much protein in the hair that is bleached can cause the damage from the keratin treatment? I saw the same thing on another girl that got it done, her ends looked fried. If the keratin complex shampoo has protein then maybe I should not use it.

Jun 01, 2010
RE: fried hair pieces
by: Jo

If your hair is fried (most probably because of hot iron) then there is little you can do. Keep your hair conditioned but don't over-condition. Trim the hair regularly for several weeks until all new healthy grow back and stay away from any chemical treatments.

May 31, 2010
fried hair pieces
by: Anonymous

I just got my hair done and washed with the special shampoo and mostly one side of my hair had fried pieces that look like brillo and I have long hair so I can't cut it out. I did try to pluck come out.
What went wrong and what do I do. Should I condition the heck out of it?

Mar 29, 2010
Try it AGAIN!
by: Curly Hair aint the word

Maybe your stylist didn't add enough product or heat to your ends. The more Keratin you add, The less frizz you will have. Try it again...Some hair is so porous that you may need another infusion of Keratin in those ends :) Trust me. I'm a Hairstylist.

Mar 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem and am very disappointed being that it was expensive. I feel that I paid for the most expensive haircut in the world b/c the Keratin did nothing but make my hair MORE frizzy by the 1st day I did it!!!

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