Coppola keratin shampoo= immediate massive hair loss for me!

by Bobbie
(Olympia WA.)

Ulta was selling Peter Coppola Keratin shampoo from $20 down to $4.95. Wow! I thought. I now know why they are quietly getting rid of it!! I used it on my long thick hair exactly 2 times and my hair fell out in huge hand fulls!!! I stopped doing everything and researched every new product, vitamin, food, etc that I recently started using. I thought there is no way a shampoo could have caused this but It was the last thing I could think of. Sure enough, I see the exact same stories!! Falling out at the follicle!!!! It's been a week and it's still coming out!!! I contacted my ulta and they have no intention on pulling what's left on the shelf! I have lost about 35% of my hair SO FAR! If anyone is suing this company....I am keeping my hair clumps!!! Call me!!

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