Correcting Bright Red Hair Color - What to do?

by Misty
(Kernersville, NC)



I have short and medium blond hair. Well til yesterday I wanted to try something new and dyed my hair red. The color came out bright and I mean bright red!!

What can or should I do to correct this problem? I am fair to medium complected and brown eyes. Don't even know if I should have tried a red.
Please help!

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Bright red to a shade darker
by: Anonymous

Red hair color fad faster than other colors after 8-16 washes (7-10 days depending on the type of color you used; semi or demi permanent!). To accelerate the process, wash it with warm water and use normal shampoo that contains sulfate (don't use color treated shampoos).

Once the color faded, you need to visit a salon and ask them to evaluate your hair color and what they recommend to get it as close as possible to shade that you want. If your hair is in good condition and you used quality color product to dye it red then its possible that they use a color-touch (or refresher) to add some pigments and restore the shine in a shade darker. Your stylist can also fix the tonality so it matches your skin tone.

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