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How many natural redhead celebrities can you name? We mean really natural, not dyed. Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Kidman, Prince Harry, Reba McIntyre, snowboarder Shaun White (the Flying Tomato), and... uh... The Little Mermaid? Hmmmm, not that many.

wavy length bob with red hair color - Christina Hendricks

Natural redheads are a rare and wonderful thing. They always look good in their vibrant hair because they were born with the right skin coloration to go with it.

So if you want to change to a red hair color and have it look natural, the secret is choosing your shade with extreme care. And before you consider coloring your hair red make sure your hair is in good condition. Red hair fade faster than other colors and with damaged hair, your final color results in patchy and dull look.

Make a Personality Check

Remember, red hair color is the brightest color of all. It makes a bold statement and attracts attention. If you're the shy type, red might help bring you out of your shell or it might make you feel unnatural and self-conscious. Redheads look daring and give impression on a vibrant personality.

Most redheads are brave and confident. So consider your personality before making the leap.

Seasonal red highlight

Salon Trend

red hot highlight on auburn
Style and color by Douglas Carroll Salon

You already got auburn hair color and looking for a way to update your look? Take a look at this fantastic multi-dimensional red highlight over this amazing face framing bob haircut. Presented as hairstyle of the week on globalhairandfashiongroup.com.

Beautiful red

Salon Trend
short hair with bright red orange peek-a-boo effect on earthly brown - fron view short hair with bright red orange peek-a-boo effect on earthly brown - side view
Style and color by Philosophy Salons Team

We selected this beautiful style from Philosophy hairdressing in UK with three salons located in Oxford, Abingdon and Witney. The vibrant orange red on top and a peek-a-boo effect of earthly brown on lower layers and fringe is just like looking at blushing red leaves right before they kiss the earth.

What Red Works for You?

Here's an easy way to tell. Look at the veins in your wrists. If they're green, your skin tone is likely warm. If they're blue, you're cool. If you tan easily, you're a warm; if you tend to burn, your skin is cool. So now you can select a red hair color that complements your skin and really flatters you. You can use this table to dig deeper into your best choices:

Your Skin Tone
Recommended Red Hair Color
Warm and clear with light beige, hint of yellow undertone (Spring type) - Ex. Pale or Golden ivory, Peachy, Freckles, Cream peachy, Beige, Warm light brown Strawberry blonde, Light warm red and soft, Red golden blond, Golden orange blonde
Warm with gold or orange undertone (Autumn type) - Ex. Peachy, Gold beige, Bronze, Reddish, Coffe with milk All red with golden tone, golden orange tones, copper, ginger, henna red - Go ahead with a carrot top!
Cool, pale with blue undertone - (Summer type) - Bluish pink, pink, rose beige, rose brown All soft and muted red with blue or violet, auburn highlight
Cool, milky white, White with no under tone (Neutral) OR olive with blue undertone OR Dark - (Winetr type) All intense rich red mixed with blue violet, plum, blueberry, red violet.

Some Words of Causion

If you still have questions, read other people's questions and answers about going red. Or add your own. Did you come up with an exciting new shade of red hair color? Share your hair color photos.

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Trina Ahmeti - Passion hair studio
Photo: bepassion.com - Model:Trina Ahmeti - Photo: Artan Korenica

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