Fair skin - Would I Look Dreadful With Red Hair?

by Lisa

I have always wondered what I would look like with red hair, since I have very fair skin and people have actually commented that I had the coloring of a redhead. My hair is naturally a dark golden blonde, my eyes are hazel (mostly green) and I generally don't tan at all.

My coloring is Cool. I look best with silver jewelry, and the veins in my arms look blue. I have a lot of redness in my face, which is why I have always assumed red hair would clash with my face.

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Stay with violet tones (blue reds)
by: Catie

I have hazel eyes, freckles, dark brown almost black hair and fair skin. I also have a redness to my skin at times. I also look better with cool colors and silver jewelry. Wondered the same thing about going red.

Took the plunge 3 years ago and EVERYONE loved it. The first time I went to a salon to have it done to remove the years of dark hair color. (I was not comfortable using bleach.) Hair dye does not lift hair dye. You will either have to use bleach (s/b done by professional) or can be lifted/removed using L'Oreal Color Oops!

Once that was done....I've done my own coloring of Red ever since. I had so much fun I usually adjusted the tone cooler or warmer every 4 weeks for how I wanted to affect the change. People were always complimenting my hair. I've even been a strawberry blonde. Though I suggest going to a professional unless you know a lot about hair coloring and how color combinations work. I have spent years researching and coloring my own hair so that was not an issue for me. (Cost much less to do for self.)

You can probably get away with a variety of red tones due to your natural contrasts. All I really did was make sure that I used base tones of red/violet and stayed away from yellow and orange. I stayed away from "TRUE" red because that has a tendency to show up too orangey (bringing out too much red or yellow in my skin). Easy to correct when you know how complimentary colors work and what tones to choose. Be sure to adjust your wardrobe and makeup to accommodate your new red hair because what worked on you before will not compliment your new look in the same way. I adjusted from pinky makeup to more neutral or "blush" but never coral or peach (too much orange).

Can I Go Red?
by: Lisa

Thank you for your help. Nice to know it works for you. I don't have any dye in my hair, so don't have to worry about that. I do know that I need to stay away from orange. Definitely not a good color for me.

Natural redhead going blonde
by: I Am Groot

I am a natural redhead, but age has turned my color to a medium dead reddish brown. Can an older natural redhead go to golden blonde and look good?

redhead to golden blonde
by: Anonymous

Why not. It would look great. Example, Think michelle pfeiffer. You just need to keep it fresh and vibrant

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