Pale Complexion - Brown to Red Hair Color

by Brenna
(Dallas, Texas, USA)

Hayley Williams with red hair color

Hayley Williams with red hair color

I have a very pale complexion. I've always wanted to dye my hair red (ex: Like a Hayley Williams shade of red) but I'm not sure what it would look like with my complexion. I have pale skin with a few faded freckles. My hair is a natural shade of mocha brown so i don't know if red would even show up. (This is my first time dying my hair and I'm terrified!) Any advice? And if red doesn't work: what would?

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Brown to red

Yes. Red is your color because you have pale skin color and freckles. RED will be a perfect color for you. You should go to a good salon to have it done because you never colored you hair before. If you just apply a red color over your hair, your scalp (roots) will be lighter than the rest of the hair.

Take a picture to the salon of the color you want because they are many shades of RED and you want to make sure that the stylist see the color you like.

help is here!
by: KiraMarieXx

I am exactly like you (or was) I?m pale and my hair used to be a really dark brown, and since I was 13 (I?m 15 turning 16 now) I wanted to have red hair like her, in September before school started I decided to dye my hair blood red and it turned out great!

The hair color will compliment your complexion. It will actually give your skin a more creamy look, still a bit pale though, and about the problem of it not showing up, just bleach your hair first and make sure it?s a pale white-yellow before putting the red hair dye in your hair, it should turn out great, and it should be easy to do if you?re a first timer if you follow the instructions properly. When I did it, it was the first time I dyed my hair on my own. Be prepared for it to be messy too, make sure you use dark or old towels that you don't use anymore and get some Vaseline gel to put on your ears, neck and forehead, just in-case you end up getting dye on your skin, that way it should wash of easily. Hope this helps :) KiraMarieXx

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